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About Us

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Indiana Adult Soccer is a member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).  Indiana Futsal is the first statewide futsal association in the United States.  Through tournaments, leagues, camps, free play, and other events, Indiana Adult Soccer will grow its membership across adult age groups.  It is a not-for-profit Indiana corporation, allowing tax deductible donations and contributions to the fullest extent of the law.  Indiana Adult Soccer is organized to provide nonprofit, public, educational soccer development and competition.


Indiana Adult Soccers mission is to:  Develop and expand the game of adult soccer in Indiana.  To facilitate the growth of the game and provide opportunities for players of all ages and levels.  We are dedicated to making the game of soccer all – inclusive through leagues, tournaments, and organic play with professionalism and integrity.
Indiana Adult Soccers vision is that:  every Indiana community reach their potential as a result of the purposeful and strategic implementation of adult soccer.
We shall accomplish this vision by being:
- An organization that creates a fun, positive, healthy, and safe environment incorporating the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.
- Known for quality leadership, quality events, quality programs and quality service.
- Forward thinking, creative, and fiscally responsible.
- The model adult soccer development organization in the United States.
Our core values are directly linked to our vision, fuel our passion to keep focused on our membership, shape the way we work with our customers, and drive our decision-making process.
We shall accomplish these values by:
 - Promoting a healthy, safe and fun playing environment.
 - Ensuring a dependable, accountable and caring organization.
 - Promoting integrity and virtue through fair play and sportsmanship.
 - Providing an all – inclusive environment for all participants.
 - Encouraging teamwork, leadership, respect, and values for both youth and adults!

The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is the premier national soccer organization dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America.  The USASA is recognized for providing leadership and valued programs, resources and services to support our member organizations, making "Soccer - your game for life."


Midwest Soccer is comprised of the 14 states in Region 2 of the United States Adult Soccer Association.  Midwest Soccer promotes the beautiful game and connect adult soccer players, leagues, associations, and communities throughout the Midwest to not only the premier adult soccer association (USASA) but also to USSF and FIFA. The purpose of the Midwest Region is to promote the game of soccer for men and women in the 14 states and to increase the popularity of the our common interest: soccer.


The National Adult Cups Competition is the oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States for any person who is a member of a team playing in a league of four or more teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation and the United States Adult Soccer Association.  The competition began in 1914 for the Men’s Open Cup. In 1923, the Men’s Amateur Cup was added, In 1980 the Women’s Amateur and Over 30 Cups were begun. Each year, some 250 teams across the United States participate in the National Cups Competition.