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Indiana Adult Soccer Affiliation

People can affiliate individually, by team, league, tournament, or event to receive the benefits offered by the association. For more information about registration, please contact Angel Hall at angel@soccerindiana.org or
call 317-975-2022.

To learn more about the Indiana Adult Soccer Association and its affiliation to the United States Adult Soccer
Association (USASA), see documents below.  

International Organizational Structure  (Updated 9/19/2018)

World Organizational Structure (Updated 1/1/2016)

Member Benefits

Benefits offered to Indiana Adult Soccer members are comprehensive and integrated offering a coverage that
participants will not be able to find anywhere else. Among others, Indiana Adult Soccer offers:

Benefits, Unique to Adults

  • Registration in US Adult Soccer Association & US Soccer Federation
  • Registration includes player accident medical insurance (see benefits & limits below)
  • Liability insurance (see benefits & limits below)
  • Free - League administrative support
  • Access to - Adult State Cup, Regional Cup, and National Cup Competition
  • Free - Access to the USSF referee pool

Adult Registration Fees:

  • Full-sided play - $25/player per calendar year*
  • Small-sided play - $18/player per calendar year*
  • One weekend (3 day) Tournament only play - $8/player per weekend*
    *Some leagues may charge more to cover administrative costs.


National Insurance coverage—Exhibit B
Limits of Liability Insurance:    

  • Commercial General Aggregate Limit NONE 
  • Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $3,000,000
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit $2,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit $2,000,000
  • Legal Liability to Participants $2,000,000
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You $300,000
  • Crisis Response – Each Crisis Event/Aggregate $25,000
  • Medical Expense Limit – Other than Participants $5,000
  • Additional Insureds INCLUDED    
  • Non-Owned & hired Automobile Liability $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit   

Accident Medical Coverage    

Accident Medical Expense Benefit $5,000 maximum benefit
Accident Dental Expense Benefit (sound, natural teeth only) $1,000 maximum benefit
Deductible Amount $400 of all eligible expenses
Accidental Death Benefit $5,000 principal sum
Accidental Dismemberment Benefit $5,000 principal sum
Hospital Room & Board Expenses (In-Patient) $300 maximum per day
Hospital Miscellaneous (In-Patient) $1,000 maximum per admission
Hospital Miscellaneous Expense (Out-Patient) $250 per admission
Hospital Emergency Care $350 maximum per injury
Physicians Expense (Non-surgical) $35 maximum per visit limit, 10 visits per injury
Surgeon Expense (In- or Out-Patient) Allowed at 50% of the Usual, Reasonable & Customary (UCR)
Assistant Surgeon Expense Allowed at 25% of surgeon's UCR
Anesthesiologist Allowed at 25$ of surgeon's UCR
Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Expenses $25 maximum per visit, limit 15 visits per injury
X-rays (In- or Out-Patient) including diagnostic
Imaging, MRI, CAT Scans, or similar procedures $150 maximum per injury
Ambulance Expense $150 maximum per injury
Orthopedic appliances or braces as a result of covered injury NOT for the prevention of injury $400
       maximum per injury


Accident Medical Coverage upgrades available by league:

$10,000 Benefit ($3.35 per player for all players registered with the league) 
$25,000 Benefit ($3.65 per player for all players registered with the league)     

Medical Insurance Details and Claim Forms:   CLICK HERE