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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indiana Soccer appreciates the opportunity to Partner with SportsPartners USA, Sportspartners Netherlands, Rene’ Meulensteen [first team coach – Manchester United], Marc Maxi [youth & club development consultant to Indiana Soccer] to explore exceptional ways to enhance the playing experience of Indian Soccer players. Steve Franklin, Director of Education, Indiana Soccer and Marc Maxey, Soccer Consultant for Indiana Soccer Wellness Blueprint project, will be traveling to the Netherlands on behalf of the Indiana Soccer family to learn proven youth development methods that can be made available to the Indiana Soccer family. Steve and Marc will be traveling from October, 26th through October 31st and will be keeping the Indiana Soccer community abreast of their travels via this Indiana Soccer’s blog. 

DAY 1 - October 27th

Travel to Brussels.
The flight was very calm and relaxing.   It was strange to adjust to time. We arrived at 8:00 am into Brussels National Airport. We entered the train and began the journey. Food was good and very European (American Continental breakfast). We are on our way.
Train system is extensive and can be very complicated to American travel habits. It is manageable if you ask kind questions. People are willing and helpful. We will see…

Be back for more later……

Ricky from Maastricht, Netherlands and both Coach Maxey and Steve

Sharing Ideas on Culture
Back to share the trip was a good experience. It definitely had it challenges! We had a straight shot but had over eight stops to make in between Brussels Belgium and Velp (Arnhem Metropolitan region).

Train Shots

Traveling from Maastricht to Arnhem 

                                                Modern and Great Train!

After all was complete we sat down to dinner a 7 pm Netherlands time. Great meal and dessert.
We learned that travel plans are not based upon American thoughts of travel, but it is dictated by the local place and flow of communities we visit. This experience allowed us to see why travel in USA we take for granted. I think we could make our local USA travel and play much more user friendly to ensure people have great local experiences with others. This travel was by design and was great gift to treasure and share. Many thanks to all who are a part of this, especially Sportpartners USA and Sportpartners Netherlands.
Guess what is next…..Sleep!!!!!

Talk to you tomorrow

DAY 2-3 - October 28th - 29th

NTK Blog Day 2

                            Coaching Exchange (Steve and Andres)

                                  NTK - Olimpia 18 (Coach with Players)

Having the opportunity to visit Olympia ’18 for the Regional NTK was both eye opening and thrilling for me. The eye opening experience came from the sense of community involvement the city of Boxmeer took in its amateur club. Over 140 volunteers help facilitate the structure of running the club via a sense of duty rather than obligation. I witnessed one man doing the teams laundry down stairs next to the clubhouse locker rooms. He was a volunteer of course. Another crew of volunteers had finished lining the fields; whole others made lunches for the children. 

The fields well in fantastic shape; the equipment and goals were the same as we see in the US system. However the clubhouse structure took on a family atmosphere. Photos on the lower walls showed teams of past years. Picture of past teams; one painting of an adult player on one side of the bar area, with another of what seemed to be an 8 year old on the ball focused on what his decision was going to produce.
The day’s structure had discipline and enthusiasm all throughout it. The age appropriate groups of 10-12 were brought to their locker room; informed of the rules and policies for player expectations and behavior and then told of the sequence of training for the day. Two trainers were assigned per team and the groups went from warm up, to 1v0 to 1v1’s – a break for lunch and then 2v2’s, 3v3’s and 4v4’s. All age groups worked on the same technical exercises, with their experience being the limiting factor.

By days end, 8 players had been selected by the NTK trainers to advance to the National NTK Championships to be held in Papendahl on Sunday. It was interesting to note the initial disappointment of not being selected, but then the joy for their peers in having been chosen. The lessons learned were a self-evaluation of their skill sets, the enthusiasm of having trained with youth from throughout the area; and the opportunity for guided discovery learning. No over coaching or parents shouting encouragement. Simply laughter and enthusiasm.

All in all the day showed that with a minimal amount of training of the technical staff, the staff was allowed to give each player quality instruction prior to the skill training, and then an opportunity for repeated trials. Each player was given their own ball and training top to insure multiple touches and a feeling of belonging. No specialized treatment or exclusion for not bringing or owning his or her own ball. Trainers were informed two weeks prior of the exercises to be utilized – allowing time for them to take ownership. 

NTK Day 3

                             Elegant Dutch Living - Von Brand House

                           Coaching and Cultural Exchange (Marc and Fons

Today I had the opportunity to view the Manchester United – Everton match with Fons van den Brande, the first innovator of physical conditioning for sport throughout Europe – get this – in the home which Audrey Hepburn was born in. Marc and I had not only the treat of meeting his family, but alos the enjoyment of a true Dutch mid day meal and a well deserved win for United. Obvioulsy the enjoyment came from not only chatting throughtout the match of the tactics and form of the players and match, but alos in learning of the Dutch “family culture”. How kind and hospitable Fons’s wife and daughters were in taking us in for the afternoon. In the fact that Fons has a collection of artwork throughout his home of early 1900’s paintings depicting ONLY children at play on the beach of the lake or ocean. 

                          Downtown Arnhem (Shopping & Culture)

                              Modern Culture in Holland - Outstanding!

Later we spent the early evening touring through downtown Arnhem, taking in the tight city street markets/stores - the architecture – and the busy shoppers. Tomorrow belongs to the National Championships – early to bed.



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