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Template Marketing Tools


Indiana Soccer provides members with a marketing program that includes basic tools that can be easily co-branded with your soccer organization’s logo and customized message to spread awareness about your programs, events and services to potential and existing players.   

In this highly competitive environment for attracting and retaining athletes, Indiana Soccer wants to help put your club in front of as many prospective players as possible. This type of marketing helps spread brand awareness and reinforces the identity for your club.  Our partner Davant will be able to create vibrant designs that will make your brand be distinguished and recognized. Davant can design anything to satisfy your needs, from specific events, programs and club's logo to postcards, brochures, posters, flyers, signs and banners. 

These materials could be used in several ways:

1. To attract new players;

2. To promote your club 

3. Provide information/reminders as a focus on retaining existing players;

4. To market your organization to potential businesses for sponsorship;

5. To increase brand identity/awareness at tournaments, registrations and more.

Davant is a proud partner of Indiana Soccer with a mutual goal... to help clubs to be seen and recognized!  

To start your marketing plan, contact Melissa Tennant at 317-502-2214 for a free quote!

Once your design has been created, you can also rely on Davant for printing!

Davant is proud to be a partner of Indiana soccer, and it's our goal to help improve your club's brand with cost-effective & high quality print solution of your design, printing, mailing, signage, promotional products and apparel.

As Indiana Soccer partner, Davant offers special prices for all member of the association. To learn more about the different packages or place your orders, please contact Melissa Tennant at 317-502-2214.