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2016-2017 Indiana Soccer Leagues Master Yearly Calendar (updated 8/13/2016)
(new registration dates - revised/updated 6/10/2016)

Fall and Spring Calendar with all important events including registration periods, season beginning and ending dates, scheduling meetings, etc.

Indiana Soccer Guideline Chart - New 2016 
In accordance to US Soccer mandates this chart provides an easy reference for guidelnes of play for each age group beginning Fall of 2016. Please reveiw this document which addresses playing format, team size, field size, game length, officials, heading, and much more.  


For games that are effected due to weather or field conditions every effort will be made to reschedule (move) the games on the original date to avoid cancelling the game.  In the event that Indiana Soccer cancels a game teams need to communicate with each other to come up with a rescheduled date/time and/or location and submit this change via a support ticket.  No fee will be accessed to games ISL cancels due to weather and/or field conditions.

Important Note: If the soccer complex/facility is listed below under the date of your game there may be possible changes to your status/location.  It doesn't necessary mean your game is cancelled.  Please refer to your individual schedules for any updates.  All information on your schedule will reflect any changes that may have occurred. You will also receive an email and/or text message (if opted in for text messaging) regarding any changes to your individual game as soon as ISL is notified and able to communicate with you.

ISL Spring Seasons have concluded....See you in August

Last updated: 6/14/2016 @ 3:30 pm

Indiana Soccer League (ISL) Registration Information  

2016-17 ISL Registration Information Document - 8 & under (2009 & 2010), 10 & under (2007 & 2008), 11-14 & under (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003), 15 & under (2002), and 16 & over (2001, 2000, 1999, 1998/1997)  - important information regarding NEW team fees, NEW referee fees, and registration dates for the 2016-2017 fall and spring seasons.

Fall 2016 - ISL 13 & under (2004) and 14 & under (2003) Premier and First Divisions Important Information

     Boys Final Premier and First Divisions Play Groups
     Girls Final Premier and First Divisions Play Groups (updated 7/28/2016)

The scheduling meetings schedule for Premier and First Divisions teams this fall has been released. The meetings will take place in the new Indiana Soccer offices located in the Grand Park Event Center. It is mandatory that each teams sends at least one representitive to attend the meeting. Important league information will be presented at the meeting, distribution of each divisions fall schedule, and an opportunity to submit schedule changes after meeting with your opponents. The 13 & unders (2004) will meet at 10:30 am with the 14 & unders  (2003) following at 12:30 pm. To access the exact time of your scheduling meeting please click on the one of the following two link:

     Boys Scheduling Meeting Schedule
     Girls Scheduling Meeting Schedule

      Important Dates:      
07/30/2016       Scheduling Meeting
                                                                Indiana Soccer Office @ Grand Park Event Center
address: 19000 Grand Park Blvd., Suite J, Westfield, IN 46074)
                                       08/05/2016       Schedules Published
                                       TBA                  Last Day to submit schedule changes without a fee
                                       08/13/2016       Season Begins
                                       10/30/2016       Season Ends   

Fall 2016 - ISL 11 & under (2006), 12 & under (2005), 13 & under (2004), and 14 & under (2003) Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions Important Information
Final Fall 2016 play groups for the following age groups and divisions have been announced: 

       11 & under (2006) - Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions
       12 & under (2005) - Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions
       13 & under (2004) - Second and Third Divisions
       14 & under (2003) - Second and Third Divisions

      Boys Final Fall 2016 Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions Play Groups (updated 7/28/2016)
      Girls Final Fall 2016 Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions Play Groups (updated 7/28/2016)

      Important Dates:      08/12/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Evansville (Time and location TBA)
                                       08/13/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Indianapolis (Time and location TBA)
                                       08/14/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Warsaw (Time and location TBA)
                                       08/19/2016       Schedules Posted
                                       TBA                  Last day to submit schedule change without a fee
                                       08/27/2016       Season Begins
                                       10/30/2016       Season Ends

Fall 2016 - ISL 10 & under (2007 & 2008) and 8 & under (2009 & 2010) Division Important Information

The application period for 10 & under and 8 & under is now closed.  If you have missed the registration period or need to add new teams please contact George Perry, ISL Commissioner. 

All teams currently registered in the ISL 10 & under and 8 & under should have received an email with instructions on selecting dates of play for the fall.  ISL would prefer that one person from the club fill out and return the "Fall 2016 Play Date" form with the selecton of play dates for the fall. If not please submit only one form per team.  If you did not receive the email or the "Fall 2016 Play Date" selection form please contact George Perry to request a new one.  
 The "Fall 2016 Play Date" form should be submitted per instructions in the below "Fall 2016 Play Date" letter below.  Please have your form submitted by Monday, July 25, 2106.  

      Fall 2016 Play Date Letter for 10 & under and 8 & under

      Important Dates:      08/06/2016       Fall 10 & under and 8 & under Festival for Central Teams
                                       08/07/2016       Fall 10 & under and 8 & under Festival for North Teams
                                       08/19/2016       Schedules Posted
                                       08/27/2016       Season Begins
                                       10/30/2016       Season Ends

Fall 2016 - 15 & under (2002) and 16 & over (2001 and above) Division Important Information - New 
ISL is introducing new programming options for teams with a number of trapped players and/or high school aged players who are not playing high school in the fall.  For 15 & under (2002) players there are three options:  1) 11v11 division; 2) 7v7 division; and 3) a maximum of three 2002's may play in a game as trap players on a 2003 (14 & under) team.  For 16 & over (2001 and above) players there is one option: 7v7 division.  The application link is now open for teams interested in these options and will remain open until July 15, 2016.  The application link follows:

      ISL Fall 2016 - 15 & under (11v11 & 7v7) and 16 & over (7v7) Application 

      Important Dates:     06/13/2016        Application Period Opens
                                      07/15/2016       Application Period Closes (new date)
                                      07/18/2016       Preliminary Play Groups Posted (new date)
                                      07/21/2016       Final Play Groups Posted (new date)
                                      08/12/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Evansville (Time and Location TBA)
                                      08/13/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Indianapolis (Time and Location TBA)
                                      08/14/2016       Scheduling Meeting - Warsaw (Time and Location TBA)
                                      08/19/2016       Schedules Posted
                                      TBA                  Last day to submit schedule change without a fee
                                      08/27/2016       Season Begins
                                      10/30/2016       Season Ends


2016 - 2017 ISL League Fees Per Team and U18 Divisions Performance Bond

ISL Fall Premier/First Divisions                         $355   Due Date: July 30, 2016
                                                                          $455   If paid after the July 30th due date

ISL Fall Second/Third/Fourth Divsions             $165   Due Date: August 14, 2016
                                                                          $265   If paid after the August 14th due date

ISL Fall U10 Division                                         $125   Due Date: August 14, 2016
                                                                          $225   If paid after the August 14th due date

ISL Fall 15 & Under 11v11 and 7v7 Divisions   $165   Due Date: August 14, 2016
                                                                          $265   If paid after the August 14th due date

ISL Fall 16 & over 7v7 Division                         $165   Due Date: August 14, 2016
                                                                          $265   If paid after the August 14th due date

(Note: If team payment is not recieved prior to or on the due date indicated for each of the respective leagues the league fee increases by $100, unless prior arrangments have been made with the Indiana Soccer League Office to pay after the due date) 

U18 Divisions ISL Performance Bond           $350   Premier/First Due Date: January 21, 2017
                                                                      $350   Second/Third Due Date: February 12, 2017
(Note: All U18 teams are required by ISL bylaws to submit a performance bond which will be returned upon successful completion of the ISL Spring season.  Any unpaid fees associated with change of schedule and/or forteiture of games will be taken out of your performance bond)

Important Note: Please include club, age group, and team name on check when submitting so your team payment can be accurately recorded

Mail Payments to:  Indiana Soccer
                                 19000 Grand Park Blvd.
                                 Suite J
                                 Westfield, IN 46074

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Referee Fees

Referee Pay Chart for 2016-2017 – Each team is to bring ½ of the fee in cash in denominations that do not require the referees to make change. Only pay the referees who are in attendance. If one referee does not show, the teams keep that referee’s fee. If the game does not start due to weather and is not played, the referees do not get paid. If the game begins but is called because of weather, the referees keep their fees. Referees are to be paid prior to kick off.


17, 18, 19 & Under (2000, 1999, 1998)

$160 (70/45/45)


15, 16 & Under (2002, 2001)

$140 (60/40/40)


13, 14 & Under (2004, 2003), 

$120 (50/35/35)

ISL – All Divisions

17, 18, 19 & Under (2000, 1999, 1998)

$140 (60/40/40)

ISL – All Divisions

15, 16 & Under (2002, 2001)

$132 (56/38/38)

ISL – All Divisions

13, 14 & Under (2004, 2003)

$122 (50/36/36)

ISL – All Divisions

11, 12 & Under (2006, 2005)

$  92 (40/26/26)

ISL – Levels 1, 2, 3, 4

10 & Under (2007, 2008)

$  30

ISL – Level 5

8 & Under (2009, 2010)

$  20

ISL – 15 & Under (7v7)

15 & Under (2002 & under)

$  40

ISL – 16 & Over (7v7)

16 & Over (2001 & over)

$  40


Important Webinars and How to Presentations

How To Contact ISL Using GotSoccer Support Tickets
 (Power Point)

All teams are to use the Support Ticket feature from their GotSoccer accounts to contact the league.  All game changes must be reported through the Support Ticket system to be processed.  Please be sure to include the correct game number in your request.

How to Write a Support Ticket (Webinar)
This video demostrates how to write a support ticket concerning any issues for Indiana Soccer League (ISL) teams

How to Use Smart Phone App for Player Passes (Document)
Indiana Soccer League has decided to allow the use of virtual passes. Please read the document linked above for complete instructions.

ISL Club Pass Player Information (Link to Webpage)
Information on how to add club pass players as well as rules, game day producures, and protcols in using club pass players in ISL

How To Club Pass Players to a Team (Webinar)
This video demostrates how to add players to a club/team for a season or an event

Assigning Overage Players to a Team (Webinar)
This video provides you information on how to take an overage player from one team and assign him/her to a different, younger team

Submitting a Game Report (Webinar)
This video tells you how to report the final score of a game after each match

Scheduling Meeting Presentation - Spring 2016 (Power Point)
This power point provides important information and explains the procedures for ISL Fall 2015 league play.   

How to Input Blackout Dates for the Season (Power Point)
This power point shows you how to input your blackout dates or requested scheduling exceptions for the season to aid in the league in creating your schedule. 

Indiana Soccer League Important Documents

ISL League Charter
Indiana Soccer Guideline Chart - reference guide for play based on US Soccer Mandates beginning Fall 2016 (new 6/16/2016)
Indiana Soccer Modified Playing Rules - for  8 & under through 19/20 & under - league execptions to FIFA rules (updated 6/9/2016)

How To Report Game Scores  (updated 6/9/2016)
Important Game Day Information Sheet - quick list of game day procedures (updated 6/9/2016)
Club Passing Document - philosophy and rules regarding Club Passing (new 6/10/2016)
ISL Heading Policy - discusses new heading restrictions and recommendations
(new 6/10/2016)

8 & under through 10 & under League Description - for the 2010 - 2007 player (new 6/9/2016)
ISL Team Roster Make-up - for the 8 & under through 13 & under (new 6/9/2016)
ISL Application for Player Exception - for a 2007 player (new 6/9/2016)

ISL All Division Team Descriptions (updated 6/9/2016)
Referee Supplemental Game Report (updated 6/9/2016)
Indiana Soccer Cold Weather Guidelines (updated 6/9/2016)
Indiana Soccer Hot Weather Guidelines
(updated 6/9/2016)

Past Indiana Soccer League Season Results

Fall Season
2015 Premier/First Divisions

2015 Second/Third/Fourth Divisions

Spring Season:
2016 Premier/First Divisions
2016 Second/Third/Fourth Divisions


Past Indiana Soccer League Division Champions


Fall Season
2015 - Boys - Girls


Spring Season
2015 - Boys - Girls

Past Indiana Soccer League All Division Teams 
The following players were recognized following each season for their outstanding contributions to their respective teams over the course of the season

Fall 2015
Spring 2015

Spring 2014
Spring 2013

Fall 2015
Spring 2015

Spring 2014
Spring 2013

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