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WEATHER RELATED UPDATE (April 19, 2014 3:00 PM ET) - The following weather related changes have been reported to Indiana Soccer.

Mary & John Geisse - Fields 2, 4 and 11 are closed - see game changes below:
Game 694 moved to Northwestway field 50
Game 921 moved back to Mary & John Geisse, field 3

PLEASE NOTE - Due to scheduling and field conflicts, ISL has had to move several games. We have notified teams, managers, field coordinators and refereee assignors but please check your schedule as soon as possible to confirm your games.

ISL U23 Summer League - Men and Women
    Click here to register <--

April 3
   Applications Open 
April 18  Application closes
May 11   League Fees Due
May 18   Summer season begins
July 20   Summer season ends

League Fees:   $650.00 - $250.00 registration fee and $400.00 facility fee

Referee Fees:  $160.00 (70/45/45) - $80.00 per team, per game
Mail Payments to:   Indiana Soccer
                              5440 Herbert Lord Road
                              Indianapolis, IN  46216

ISL Schedules:
U10 Schedules --< Click here
U11 - U18 --< Click here

Spring 2014 Information

October 10   Applications Open (all teams U10 or younger teams will apply as U10 and select
                           level of play based on descriptions provided in application.)
November 10      Applications CLOSED for Premier/First/Second Divisions at 5:00 PM ET
February 15        Applications CLOSED for Remaining Divisions and U10 at 5:00 PM ET
February 15        League Fees Due for All Divisions
February 21       Scheduling Meetings Div List - 2nd, 3rd and 4th - updated 3/1 <-- Click here
                              Scheduling Meetings Division List - U10 Division <-- Click here
March 7-9           Scheduling Meetings - 3rd, 4th, and all U10 Division meetings
These are the meeting locations.  You will need to check the division list to see
                          which meeting you are to attend. 
                          South Meeting:  - Mar 7 - 
6:30 PM CT
                                                               CK Newsome Center, 100 E Walnut, Evansville
                          Central Meeting: - Mar 8 - Check the list
                                                                Lawrence Comm. Ctr. 5301 Franklin Rd, Indianapolis
                          North Meeting:  -  Mar 9 - Check the list
Wyndham Garden Warsaw, 2519 E Center St. Warsaw
March 29            Spring Season Play begins for Premier/First/Second Divisions
April 5                Spring Season Play begins for Remaining Divisions
April 20               Easter - no league games
May 17-18           Cup Preliminary Round games - no league games
May 24-25           Memorial Weekend - no league games
June 1                Last Day of Spring Season Play

League Fees:   Premier & First Divisions       $325   Due Feb 15
                       All Remaining Divisions        $100    Due Feb 15

Mail Payments to:   Indiana Soccer
                              5440 Herbert Lord Road
                              Indianapolis, IN  46216

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Referee Fees

How To Contact ISL Using GotSoccer Support Tickets <--Click here
All teams are to use the Support Ticket feature from their GotSoccer accounts to contact the league.  All game changes must be reported through the Support Ticket system to be processed.  Please be sure to include the correct game number in your request.

How to Use Smart Phone App for Player Passes<--Click here
Indiana Soccer League has decided to allow the use of virtual passes. Please read the document linked above for complete instructions.


ISL League Charter
ISL Rules - complete rules document (updated July 2012)
Code of Conduct - for use by teams, will be enforced without the league collecting the form.
Scheduling Meeting Presentation - for Fall 2013
How To Report Game Scores -  for Fall 2013
Referee/Team Information Sheet - quick list of game day procedures - for Fall 2013
Game Day Procedures/Rules for U10 Play - (updated Fall 2013)
Indiana Soccer Modified Playing Rules - league exceptions to FIFA rules - (updated 8/23/13)
ISL Golden Boot/Glove & All Division Team Descriptions
Referee Supplemental Game Report
Indiana Soccer Cold Weather Guidelines (updated October 2013)
Indiana Soccer Hot Weather Guidelines (updated October 2013)


Fall 2013            Fall 2012                 Fall 2011                
Fall 2010              Fall 2009          
                          Spring 2013            Spring 2012           Spring 2011         Spring 2010      

Fall 2013 All Division Teams <-- Click here for listing 
Players will receive individual certificates mailed directly to their home address.

Fall 2013 Golden Boot and Golden Glove Winners <-- Click here for listing
Players will receive individual certificates mailed directly to their home address.


In 2009, Indiana Soccer started the UNITED initiative.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve the overall playing environment for players, referees, coaches, and parents.   UNITED is an acroynym for Understand that young players and referees are not miniature adults, Need for encouragement, Integrity, Together we can all create a better environment, Enjoy the game, Development takes time.

Program training -
Click here to open a printable PDF document



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