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The Midwest Regional League (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. 

For complete MRL league information please visit the MRL website.

2016-2017 Indiana Soccer Leagues Master Yearly Schedule
(new registration dates - revised/updated 6/10/2016)
Fall and Spring Calendar including all MRL important events including registration periods, season beginnng and ending dates, etc.

Important MRL Policies, Procedures, and Documents

Indiana Soccer Policy for Promotion to and/or Retention in MRL 
(updated 5/28/2016)

MRL 2016 Spring Season Team Selection, Tier Placement and Sub-Divisional Placement Criteria
(updated 10/14/2015)
MRL Policy "Defining Returning Teams" (updated 6/14/2016)
MRL Policy "Defining New Teams to MRL"
(updated 6/14/2016)

If you have any additional questions, please contact George Perry


Midwest Regional League (MRL) Information

2016-17 Indiana MRL Registration Information Document - 14 & under (2003), 15 & under (2002), 16 & under (2001), 17 & under (2000), 18 & under (1999), 19 & under (1998) - important information from Indiana Soccer regarding NEW team fees, NEW referee fees, and registration dates for the 2016-2017 fall and spring seasons.

Fall 2016 MRL 14 & under (2003) and 15 & under (2002) Important Information

2016 Fall Season Team Information Document  - important information for all MRL Spring 14 & under and 15 & under teams (updated 6/14/2016)

       Boys and Girls Final Fall 2016 MRL Placements

       Important Dates:      07/22/2016      MRL Payment Due to Indiana Soccer
                                        08/05/2016      Fall MRL Season Begins
                                        11/20/2016      Fall MRL Season Ends                               

Spring 2017 MRL 16 & under (2001), 17 & under (2000), 18 & under (1999), and 19/20 & under (1998/1997) Important Information
The application window for Spring 2017 MRL 16 & under (2001) through 19/20 & unders (1998/1997) is now closed.  Accepted teams and placement will be announced in the near future once the MRL committee has reviewed all applications.  


       Important Dates:      TBD                 Accepted Teams and Placement of Teams announced
                                        08/26/2016      MRL Payment Due to Indiana Soccer
                                        02/11/2017      Spring MRL Season Begins
                                        06/11/2017      Spring MRL Season Ends

Spring 2017 MRL 14 & under (2003) and 15 & under (2002) Important information

The application period for Spring 2017 MRL 15 & under (2002)  is now open and teams may begin registering now.  The application period for the 14 & under (2003) will open on October 14 and run through October 28, 2016. Remember teams applying for acceptance into MRL must complete both application links below.  Once goes directly to Indiana via GotSoccer which is used forthe collection of fees, management of rosters, and assigning of referees for games hosted in the state of Indiana.  The other link goes directly to MRL.  To be considered both appliations must be completed and submitted prior to the deadline.  Teams missing one of the applications will not be considered for acceptance.  The two application links as follows (please note the system will not allow you to register 14 & under (2003) teams until October):

       Indiana MRL Spring 2016 Application (via GotSoccer) - 15 & under (2002) application now open
                                                                                                    14 & under (2003) - available Oct. 2016

       MRL Spring 2016 Application (via USYA EMS) - 15 & under (2002) application now open
                                                                                        14 & under (2003) - available Oct. 2016 

       Important Dates:      07/20/2016     Application Period Opens 15 & under
                                        10/14/2016     Application Period Opens 14 & under
                                        10/21/2016     Application Period Closes 

                                        TBD                Accepted Teams and Placement of Teams announced
                                        12/02/2016     MRL
 Payment Due to Indiana Soccer
                                        02/11/2017     Spring MRL Season Begins
                                        06/11/2017     Spring MRL Season Ends

2016-2017 MRL League Fees Per Team 

Fall 14-15 & under             $625    Due Date: July 22, 2016
Spring 16-19/20 & under   $625    Due Date: August 26, 2016
Spring 14-15 & under        $625    Due Date: December 2, 2016  
(Note: If team payment is not received prior to or on the due date indicated above for your league the MRL Team League Fee increases to $725, unless prior arrangements have been made with the league office to pay after the due date)

Important Note: Please make check payable to "Indiana Soccer" and include MRL Fee, club, age group, and team name on check when submitting so team payment can be accurately recorded. 


The checks are to be mailed to:    Indiana Soccer

                                                      19000 Grand Park Blvd.

                                                      Suite J

                                                      Westfield, IN 46074



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