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The Midwest Regional League (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. 

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Indiana Soccer Policy for Promotion to and/or Retention in MRL <-- Click here.  
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George Perry.

Note:  MRL does not allow "trapped" players to participate.  "Trapped" players are those players whose birthdates require they play U15, but they are still in the 8th grade and they do not participate with any high school team.  The "trapped" player allowance is an Indiana Soccer specific exception to the US Youth Soccer roster rules. MRL is not required to accept these players.  Additionally, U19 "trapped" players are not allowed to participate on U18 teams in the spring.

Midwest Regional League (MRL) Information

2015-16 MRL/ISL Master Yearly Calender - Fall and Spring Calendar with all important events including registration periods, season beginning and ending dates, scheduling meetings, etc. 

2015-16 MRL Registration Information Document - important informatoin regarding team fees, NEW referee fees, and registration dates for the 2015-2016 fall and spring seasons.

Spring 2016 MRL U15-U18 Important Information
The following U15-U18 Indiana teams have been recommended for acceptance into the Midwest Regional League (MRL) for Spring 2016 play:

          Spring 2016 Boys U15-U18 MRL Recommendations
          Spring 2016 Girls U15-U18 MRL Recommendations

These are only recommendations and not final.  The final decisions regarding acceptance as well as placement into playing divisions are currently in committee.  The final decisions will be posted as soon as they are relesed by the MRL Office.

          Important Dates:     8/21/2015        MRL Payment Due to Indiana Soccer
                                          8/22/2015        Spring MRL U15-U18 Scheduling Meeting (Indianapolis, IN)
                                          2/13/2016        Spring MRL Season Begins
                                          6/12/2015        Spring MRL Season Ends

Fall MRL U13 and U14 Important information

For more informartion on the Fall MRL Season including "Returning Tean Policy", "Determining New Team Policy", "Selection Tier Placement and Sub Division Placement Criteria," and "MRL Rules for 2015-16" Complete information for Teams on the 2015 Fall Season can be accessed via the MRL website under the 2015 Fall Season Information for Teams tab. 

Indiana MRL Fall Boys and Girls U13 and U14 Team Schedules (reflects games only played in Indiana)

Fall 2015 MRL Boys U13 and U14 Team Placements
Fall 2015 MRL Girls U13 and U14 Team Placeents


          Important Dates:     6/03/2015       Application/Registration Period Opens
                                          6/21/2015       Application/Registration Period Closes
                                          7/18/2015       MRL Payment Due to Indiana Soccer
                                          7/18/2015       MRL Fall U13-U14 Scheduling Meeting (Chicago, IL)
                                          8/08/2015       MRL Fall Season Begins
                                        11/22/2015       MRL Fall Season Ends

MRL League Fees: $550   For Fall U13/U14 Teams payment is due by July 18, 2015 

Important Note: Please make check payable to "Indiana Soccer" and include MRL Fee, club, age group, and team name on check when submitting so team payment can be accurately recorded. 


The checks are to be mailed to:    Indiana Soccer

                                                      9333 N. Meridian St.

                                                      Ste. 225

                                                      Indianapolis, IN 46260

MRL Teams Requiring housing when playing at Grand Park in Westfield - Please



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