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The Midwest Regional League (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. 

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Indiana Soccer Policy for Promotion to and/or Retention in MRL <-- Click here.  
If you have any questions, please Contact
George Perry.

Note:  MRL does not allow "trapped" players to participate.  "Trapped" players are those players whose birthdates require they play U15, but they are still in the 8th grade and they do not participate with any high school team.  The "trapped" player allowance is an Indiana Soccer specific exception to the US Youth Soccer roster rules. MRL is not required to accept these players.  Additionally, U19 "trapped" players are not allowed to participate on U18 teams in the spring.

MRL 2013-2014

Spring 2014 MRL Applicants:

Applications:      Closed
November 7:      Indiana announces U13-U14 teams approved for MRL
                          List of U13-U18 Teams recommended for MRL Spring 2014
November 15:    League payment ($550) is due to the state office for accepted teams 
November 27:    MRL postes the accepted teams for Spring 2014 - U13-U18

The Spring 2014 league fee for MRL is $550 payable to Indiana Soccer due November 15.
         The checks are to be mailed to:   Indiana Soccer
                                                          5440 Herbert Lord Road
                                                          Indianapolis, IN  46216

*For all other dates/deadlines for MRL - please refer to the MRL website linked above.

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