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License Course Tier Structure

Where Should I Begin?

Coaches may begin their educational journey by beginning with the Youth Module I, Youth Module II or 'E' license (U.S. Soccer Pathway) or Level 1 - 3 (NSCAA Pathway). We would certainly encourage all coaches to do all beginning level courses, however if you must choose one, be realistic with your background and experience in the sport. If you have limited playing experience at a competitive level (did not play in College or beyond) and have little to no coaching experience -begin with the Youth Module II or Youth Module I OR NSCAA Level 1, 2 or 3 diploma.  If you have competitive playing experience (College or beyond) and have 1-2 years soccer coaching experience, begin with the 'E' license OR NSCAA 4 through 6 diplomas. 

As a reminder, as of January 2015, coaches who hold diplomas or certificates from other organizations, like AYSO and the NSCAA, will not be provided entry point into the U.S. Soccer pathway. All candidates must have a U.S. Soccer National D license or a waiver letter to be eligible to take the course. If a candidate supplies a waiver letter, that letter must be sent to U.S. Soccer for approval. Candidates are not confirmed for the course until U.S. Soccer has signed off on their waiver letter.

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