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Have a written lesson plan for each training session or practice. You cannot have a good practice if you do not have an idea of what you want to accomplish during that practice. The plan may be written out in detail on a practice planning form (see sample Lesson Plan Form). Writing down your plan will help you think through the equipment and setup you will need for the topics to be covered.

Below are sample lesson plans written by various coaches involved in youth soccer.  No commercial reproduction, adaptation, distribution or transmission of any part or parts of lesson plan or any information contained, herein by any means whatsoever is permitted without the prior written permission of Indiana Soccer. 

If you have questions about any of these lesson plans, please contact .

Recreational Videos

U6 Recreational Videos
U8 Recreational Videos

Mixed Bag
Attacking & Shooting
Defending & CounterAttacking

Goalkeeping Training Activities
Passing & Receiving/Possession

Creating 1v1 Opportunites
Dribbling 1v1
Fun Dribbling Activities
How to Coach Quick & Deceptive Movement
Individual Dribbling Activities for Younger Players
Positive & Creative Dribbling
Dribbling & Turning for Beginners
Dribbling for Possession
Footskills Homework
U6 Dribbling and Passing  


Formations/Systems of Play

Set Plays

Building out of the Back
Building out of the Back in a 4-3-3 System 
Coach Fullbacks to Join into the Attack
Improving Team Shape from the Middle to the Attacking Third
Improving Width Out of the Defensive Third
Movement off the Ball
Patterns of Player for Playing with a Front Three
Playing with Split Strikers
Retaining Possession to Penetrate
Speed of Play 1
Speed of Play 2 (John Ellinger, FC Dallas Coach)
Technical Evaluations & Small Sided Games 

Small Sided Game Assessment
Tryout Player Evaluations
Technical Assessment Charts
Tryout - Technical Assessments


US Youth Soccer 
Coaching Education, Assistant Coach Series for the Parent Coach (U6 and U8)
Coaching Education, Assistant Coach Series for the Parent Coach (U10)
Coaching Education, Assistant Coach Series for the Parent Coach (U12)
Principles of U6's Part I
Principles Of U6's Part II
Dribbling With The Head Up
Dribbling To "Get Away"
Dribbling In A Crowd
Dribbling- (Sam Snow)
Striking A Ball
U6 Variety Of Lesson Plans
U6-U8 Movement
"HD" Lesson for Responsibility

Dribbling Practice Plan
Dribbling With The Head Up (Warm-up)
Dribbling With The Head Up (First Activity)
Dribbling With The Head Up (Second Activity)
Dribbling With The Head Up (Final Game)

U8 Lessons
Principles of U8's 
Dribbling To Keep Possession
Dribbling To Set Up The Pass
Cooperatively Competing
Making Connections
Striking A Ball
U8 Variety Of Lesson Plans
PE in the soccer environment

US Youth Region II Fun Five Series 
Fun Five Series U6
Fun Five Series U8
Fun Five Series U10
Fun Five Series U11-U14

Striking The Ball Practice Plan
Striking The Ball (Warm Up)
Striking The Ball (First Activity)
Striking The Ball (First Activity variation)
Striking The Ball (Second Activity)
Striking The Ball (Third Activity)
Striking The Ball (Final 4v4 Game)

U10 - U12 Training Sessions

U13 and Up Training Sessions 

Sessions from International Clubs, Conventions, and Workshops
Manchester United 4v4
The Everton Way
Scottish FA Developmental 4's Program
Scottish FA Youth Lesson Plans 12-18
Houllier Session from NSCAA Convention
Condition To Transition-George Perry
MLS Training Session-Kansas City Wizards from NSCAA Convention
New Trends for Warming Up and Cooling Down
Possession Activities from Dr. Lew Atkinson
Ross County Fitness and Technical Session
US Women's National Team Field Testing of Fitness
Newcastle United First Team Training
Sunderland U17's
UEFA Small Sided Games

ODP Sessions
District Training-Dribbling With The Head Up
District Training-Passing To Keep Possession
Pool Training 11-14 age groups Combination Play
Pool Training 11-14 age groups Defending
Pool Training 95 Boys November 2009-Possession to penetrate
Pool Training 96 Girls November 2009-Possession with a purpose
Pool Training 97 Boys-November 2009-Possession with a purpose
Region 2 Defending Training Session
Region 2 Speed of Play Training Session
Region 2 Training Sessions-Disney Event 2007
Region 2 Training Sessions-Decatur, Alabama Event 2009
Region 2 96 Girls Camp Curriculum 2009
Region 2 98 Boys Camp Curriculum 2010
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