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Note: Community Soccer Section is also known as Recreation Soccer

Indiana Soccer is devoted to developing the overall growth of soccer.  The majority of our membership are those that play locally within their communities.  This section of the website is devoted entirely to those who administrate, coach and volunteer for these community programs.  This section will offer a variety of resources for community soccer clubs to help grow the game even more.  Indiana Soccer has a Community Soccer Committee.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please email the Director of Education of Indiana Soccer. 

Ideas for Grow

Hosting a Community Soccer Day
"We Can't Get Enough Coaches"!
Soccer in the Schools (coming soon)

Information for Volunteers (coming soon)


Age Appropriate Lesson Plans
The "HD" Project
Small Sided Games
FIFA Laws of the Game
Articles on Player Development

Player's Corner

Player Video Tips from US Youth Soccer
Player Video Tips from the UEFA Training Ground
Player Video Tips from the BBC
How to practice at home (videos)
Community "Stars" Program

Safety and Care

To access the Safety and Care section including the importance of goal safety, please click on this link: 
Safety and Care

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