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To develop good citizens through sport (soccer).
To improve community relations with community based soccer clubs.
To keep young players involved in a sport longer to help reduce obesity rates and to embrace strong healthy habits.

What is “HD”?
“HD” stands for Human Development.
“HD” also stands for “High Definition” meaning that clubs offer more than just a picture of good soccer. 
The “HD” project is to have a sports strategy impact the youth in a community.
Community based soccer clubs will strive to not only develop “soccer” but good citizens as well.
Community based soccer clubs will strive to work with schools as a way to develop children for sports and life.

How does “HD” work?
Community Based Clubs implement the five themes through soccer activities within their own membership (players), schools, churches, scouts, etc. in their own community.
Each activity has a “soccer” and “human development” theme.
Activities will be designed for the U6-U14 age groups by Indiana Soccer.
Coaches/Volunteers will use one activity to teach the themes of HD.
Coaches/Volunteers will follow up the next practice/class on the effectiveness of each activity and lesson.

The five themes of HD
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