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The Indiana State Cup is part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.  The top ranked teams for age groups Under-13 to Under-19 will be selected to participate in the Indiana State Cup.    The State Cup Champions will advance to the US Youth Soccer National Champions
hip Series Region II event.  Champions from the Region II event will advance to the National Finals.

2016 State Cup Information:

November 10, 2015              Registration open
January 1, 2016                   Registration closed
January 20, 2016                 Team selections CLICK HERE
                                           (posted 8:00 AM ET)
                                           (U15G & U18G updated 1/27)
February 6, 2016                  Entry Fee Due in the State Office
March 1, 2016                      Applications will re-open for U19
March 31, 2016                    Schedule to be released
May 12, 2016                       Roster Freeze for U13-U18
                                           (or 72 hours prior to  kickoff of 1st game
                                           whichever is earlier)
May 16, 2016                       Appliations will close for U19
May 20-22, 2016                  Preliminary Round for U13-U18
                                          Site:  Grand Park, Westfield, IN 
                                          Alternate Site:  TBA Soon
May 30, 2016                      Roster Freeze for U19
June 3-5, 2016                     Finals for all ages
                                          Site:  Richard Wigh
                                                   Soccer Complex
                                                  Columbus, IN

Prelim Entry Fees:              U13-U17 teams $550 
Prelim Entry Fees:              U18 teams $550 (plus the
                                         expenses for 1 self scheduled game)
Finalist Fees:                     U13-U18 teams $0
- teams advancing
                                         to finals will not pay an additional fee.

Entry Fees:                        U19 teams $200

Mail Payments to:  Indiana Soccer
                                      9333 N. Meridian Street
                            Suite 225
                            Indianapolis, IN 46260

Housing:  This is a stay to play event.  All teams needing housing are
                required to book housing through Site Search for prelims.
                Finals housing link will be posted when prelims are complete

Scheduling Information:
     HOW TO SCHEDULE self scheduled game (U18B teams only)
     GAME DAY PROCEDURES for self scheduled games (U18B teams only)
     TEAM CONTACT INFORMATION for self scheduled games
     U13-U17 PRELIM

More infomation will be posted when it becomes available.


2015 STATE CUP RULES (2016 Rules to be updated and posted soon)

Complete Rules Document 

Tiebreakerand Bracket Advancement Handout 


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