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Fort Wayne Opens Two Futsal Courts in Partnership with Indiana Futsal and DaMarcus Beasley



Indiana Soccer and its subsidiary, Indiana Futsal are pleased to be a part of the construction of more futsal courts in Indiana.  This time, it was the city of Fort Wayne that brought together a group of key people to make it happen. 

Indiana Soccer and Indiana Futsal, represented by Justin Becht and Dave Guthrie attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a pair of Futsal courts on Thursday, June 28th.  Tony, Rocco and Joy Zirille, along with Joy’s mother and sister joined the ceremony.

Indiana Soccer and Indiana Futsal were pleased to see former member DaMarcus Beasley as a key component to bring these initiative to the city of Fort Wayne.  Beasley, is gracious, humble and made himself available to all the kids and others that were in attendance.  He is truly an ambassador for the game, Indiana Soccer and the City of Fort Wayne.  Beasley, expressed his desire to do more courts in Fort Wayne and assist with courts outside of Fort Wayne. 

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