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Help Make History By Supporting Eleven Park



Dear Soccer Fans: 

We need your help! Please show your support for Professional Soccer in Indiana by contacting your legislator TODAY!  Please visit www.eleven-park.com and help us with this important effort.

We are asking you to send your state legislators a message thru the website www.eleven-park.com to ask your legislative leaders to strongly support Senate Bill 543.

The bill will allow the construction of Eleven Park, a new transformational neighborhood development in Indianapolis that would include apartments, office space, retail and a hotel - all anchored by a new, world-class multi-purpose soccer stadium.

The Eleven Park proposal creates NO new taxes and does not call for any existing money from city or state governments.

Eleven Park is a win for Indy Eleven, a win for Indianapolis, and a win for Indiana, a state that is full of soccer players and fans.

It is time to fully capture a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure the future of soccer in Indiana.

Please join us in supporting Senate Bill 543.