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Indiana ODP Grace Bamber at Interregional Event


Overall, the Interregional Thanksgiving event in Boca was a very good experience. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend a life changing event. I made some new friends from all over the region who I will be in touch with for a very long time. I also met some new coaches who taught me the importance of putting myself in uncomfortable situations and adapting to them. Last, but not least, I played some high level soccer against high level players. Even though the event was only 7 days long, I feel like I am a different player coming out of it, mentally and physically. I plan on taking everything I have learned from my team meetings, trainings, and games back to my club and ODP environment. I also plan on working very hard to climb to the top of the competition that I saw and hopefully come back next year and be an unrecognizable player.

Grace Bamber - ODP Boca Florida.fw

Ocean front

Grace Bamber Group Pic

Team Pic2

Mid air