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Club Pass


Note: The club pass concept is when a club uses a player from within their own club to play for another team for a league match. It is not the same as secondary rostering or guest players. Players are put on a roster, but the club is allowed to use other players from within their own club for a league match. 



Allow coaches more freedom to move players within their own club.
Eliminate administrative paperwork for member clubs who wish to move players internally.
To give all clubs the ability to move players from within their own club so that they can reinforce squads by moving players from a younger age group or a second team.
To create a “club” mentality over a “team”. Players will hopefully take more pride in playing for a club which will reduce the temptation to “jump” to another team in another club.
To provide development opportunities for players by being allowed to experience “playing up”.


Clubs will still roster players with Indiana Soccer.
All players registered to teams within the same club are “club pass” eligible.
There will be no secondary rostering.
When a team needs player(s) for a match, they use a player(s) with in their own club.
The number of players on the sideline, however, may not exceed the maximum roster size:                                                                                   Age             Game Format     Maximum Game Roster Size
                8U/7U                 4v4                                    8
              10U/9U                 7v7                                  12
            12U/11U                 9v9                                  16
            13U/19U             11v11                                  18


Adding Club Pass players to a team roster is the responsibility of someone at the CLUB level, not the team level. Each club may set up their own process by which teams request Club Pass Players be added for specific games (i.e. the deadline when a team must report to the appointed club pass administrator for your club). The person does not have to be the registrar, just someone with the authority, the understanding of the club pass system rules, and the access to the club account.

* The exception to this process is when clubs are wanting to club pass a player up in play format and when club passing a player down in divisions. Please refer to the Club Passing Document


Each team will provide a game roster to the opposing team which includes any club pass players being used for that game.
Player passes will be used to check in the players. 
If the original player pass is not on-site, a black and white photocopy of the original pass for the club pass player is acceptable and must be presented. 
GotSoccer provides links for coaches/managers to print out game day line-up cards.


Based on a player’s age on their club pass, a player may not play down in age group per US Youth Soccer.
A player, however, may drop to a lower level within an age group if the purpose is either of the two reasons below:
Rehabilitate a player who is coming back from an injury.
The player is not getting significant playing time with the “first” team.
Having a player drop from a “first” team to a “second” team for the purposes of winning will not be allowed.
A player using the club pass should not exceed the following playing time in one day:
      Age Group                            Maximum minutes
       10U/9U                                       100
       12U/11U                                     120
       14U/13U                                     140
       16U/15U                                     160
       19U/17U                                     180

A coach and club guilty of abusing the Club Pass will be disciplined by Indiana Soccer.
This club pass allowance has to be accompanied by some stipulation to curb unethical practice and potential abuse.


Clubs using the club pass system should:

     1. Use it as a reward for player(s) who have shown improvement throughout the season.
     2. Have a player participate for one team only per day. This is only a recommendation
     3. Communicate clearly to all of your parents and players the purpose of this system.
     4. Don’t abuse it!

If you need assistance with the Club Pass, please contact George Perry at Indiana Soccer.