Victory League


Important Information:

(October 1, 2013) Based on a decision by the DOCs on September 30, Indiana Soccer will not be implementing the Victory League this spring, 2014.  As of now, we will operate the Cup games the same as we did last year.  This means each team that wishes to participate in Indiana Soccer Cup play, must participate in a US Youth Soccer sanctioned league, i.e. ISL, MRL, National League or other US Youth Soccer member leagues.

All existing Victory League applications have been or will be converted automatically to 2014 Cup Applications.  Any team that applied to the Victory League prior to this announcement that wishes to withdraw entirely must notify Angel Hall in an email to have your application deleted.  If your team has already paid the Victory League entry fee and you withdraw, you will receive a refund.  For those of you who have paid and will remain in the Cup event, your Victory League fee will be converted to Cup Entry fees and you will only need to pay the balance due. Each team will receive an individual email explaining the details.

Regular Cup applications will open soon.  The links will be posted on the respective cup web pages.


To create an opportunity for the top Indiana teams in each age group to compete
Recommendation for Indiana Soccer Cup Play
Recommendation for MRL Play


Participating teams will register with Indiana Soccer and hold US Youth Soccer passes.

All National League and MRL teams must participate and are automatic qualifiers.  All teams from ISL and IPL Premier are eligible to apply for the Victory League.  In order to participate in the State Cup, a team would have to participate in the Victory League.  A DOC Committee will select the additional teams to round out this league play.

All teams in the Victory League will still compete in their respective leagues, MRL, ISL and IPL.

For more information about the Victory League, please read this document
If you have any questions, please contact George Perry.