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5 Star Club Program


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Indiana Soccer is proud to present the 5 STAR CLUB program.  This purpose of this program is to ensure legal compliance, and increase the capacity and quality of member clubs.  Member Clubs will perform with excellence in a few fundamental areas to meet the criteria established to earn "stars" in those areas.  Once a member club has reached all 5 stars, they will be awarded with the recognition of being a 5-STAR CLUB in Indiana.  

For assistance or if you have questions, please contact Angel Hall at Indiana Soccer.


2018 Workshop Presentation - CLICK HERE for the introduction presented at the 2018 Indiana Soccer Workshops.

Member Club List - CLICK HERE to be directed to a complete list of member clubs and their status in achieving the 5 STAR CLUB recognition.  This list also contains the name of each Club Champion.  Member Clubs are encouraged to reach out to each other as resources, too.

Check Lists/Submission Forms - Fill out these check lists and submit to Indiana Soccer. The stars can be completed in any order.   Once the checklist/submission forms have been verified for completion, clubs will earn their star in the category(s) submitted.  Once all 5 stars have been earned, the club will be recognized by the Indiana Soccer as achieving this honor.

More Coming Soon!

Resources - Use the navigation menu to find information about each of the stars.