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Indiana Soccer is working toward the goal of having every member club offer recreational playing opportunities for adults. We believe that a 7 v 7 (including goal keepers) format played on a reduced sized field (U12) will best accommodate the tactical, physical, technical, and psychological needs of the recreational adult player. Over the next year, we will continue working with clubs to register existing adult players and recruit new members. We plan to help with the planning and implementation of community adult leagues throughout the state. The ultimate goal is to see each of our member’s clubs providing in-house opportunities for adults to play, serving members from U6 to U60 and beyond.
Why Indiana Soccer?

Full time service staff at your state office to help with your league with registration/management & promotion.
Director and Officers Insurance provided to the directors and officers of the new league.
Player medical insurance.
Liability insurance.
League members will be eligible to participate in local, regional and national tournaments.
Access to and training for using our completely integrated player registration and league management software system.  This system helps to schedule and manage games, referees and facilities.
Adults are also member of the United State Adult Soccer Association and eligible for related programs.  Visit for more information.
Community Adult Leagues
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