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Player Development Program Camps

The mission of the Indiana Soccer Player Development Camps is to offer professional training for all players at any skill level designed in a fun but challenging age appropriate environment aimed at player development.  The goals are to expose each player to different coaching styles, mixed with players from different areas, and to raise the overall ability level and general soccer awareness of each individual player.  Players will be encouraged to have fun in the game, challenge themselves in positive training environments and learn to love the game of soccer!
The Player Development Program will be conducted by a professional coaching staff consisting of nationally licensed coaches. The philosophy of "the game is the best teacher" will be implemented through each Player Development Program session.  Each session will focus on the proper technique to perform each skill combined with the tactical aspects and physical aspects of the game while blending the proper mental approach to achieving the desired level.  We believe that players improve from learning the proper skills, being challenged through the game, and through positive encouragement, hard work, and determination.  Players will also have the opportunity to develop their technical skills in small group play and game scenarios.  The coaching staff will insure the camps create a fun and challenging environment that also builds the confidence of each player to improve their skills and advance their individual game.
Player Development Camps programming include the following developmental environments:
Goalkeeper/Striker Camps  (will return Fall 2019)
These camps are split up into 2 parts. The first half of the camp consists of drills that pertain to the position your camper is interested in. Goalkeepers will train in their own groups based on age and skill level, and strikers will train in their own groups based on age and skill level. During the second half of camp, the groups are combined so the campers can use the skills learned in the first half against the opposing position.
This camp is for players that are goalkeepers or players that are interested in becoming a goalkeeper.  More information about this camp can be found on the Goalkeeper Camp page of our website.
Player Development Camp
This camp is geared towards the younger player. You may find out more about this camp by going to our Camps page on our website.
For additional information about the format of the camp, please contact director Todd Sheely. If you have questions about registration or administration of the camp, contact Joy Carter.