Indiana Soccer is sponsored in part by:
By participating in either of these fundraising programs you benefit your club and contribute to the continued success of the Indiana Soccer TOPSoccer, Soccer Across America, ODP and coaching education programs.

"Do your members travel for soccer, business or pleasure? Adopt the program and have them traveling with your Club discount card and receive its benefits
while helping others to be involved in soccer"

Be part of the Indiana Soccer "national value" club discount card and bring more benefits to your members while you brand your club and generate revenues for your club to continue growing. 
You can generate 85% of the revenues and offer nationwide merchandise discounts for your coaches, players and parents.
Indiana Soccer will provide a totally turnkey program that includes ordering the cards on your behalf and provide a list of steps for a successful campaign.
The benefits for your members go from Indy Eleven merchandise discounts to nationwide retail, service, food and entertainment disocunts.
Check out the type of merchandise and discounts offered on the following link:

For more information about how to activate your fundraising program, please contact the Indiana Soccer Director of Marketing and Communication Paco Espinosa at or call him at 317-975-2005.



"Have people wearing your club's spirit wear wherever they go and raise money for your club"

Through your spirit wear online store individuals will be able to purchase your club's licensed gear direct from Indiana Soccer partner Rector Communication.  Best of all, you do not have to deal with inventory, payment process and your club gets at least 30% of the value per item as a commission.  Having this money you can help your club to satisfy the different needs it may have.  
Rector Communication will be helping you to get the right promotions every season of the year for you just to send it to your members..

If you want to have an idea of how your club's spirit wear online store would look like, visit the Indiana Soccer online store at  Once you are there, do not forget to get your Indiana Soccer spirit wear as the proceeds will help to support the association's outreach programs

For more information about how your club can launch its own “spirit wear” online store and the benefits it offers, contact Indiana Soccer Director of Marketing and Communication Paco Espinosa at or call him at 317-975-2005

"Team Up with Indiana Soccer"
Team Up with Indiana Soccer and help provide opportunities for others to reach their GOALS!

Indiana Soccer constantly strives for creating ways to support in the promotion of soccer and development of kids in the state of Indiana.  Starting in 2012, the BMV will have available the Indiana Soccer specialty license plate.  The purpose of this initiative is to raise money that will be utilized to benefit Indiana Soccer's outreach programs, including among others, TOPSoccer and Soccer Across America.  If you love soccer and want to make a difference, we invite you to visit your local BMV and get your Indiana Soccer license plate. 
Note: For more information please contact director of marketing and communication, Paco Espinosa at 317-975-2005.  To obtain or renew your Specialty License Plate, please click on the following link: INDIANA SOCCER LICENSE PLATE.

Remember, if you love soccer, team up with Indiana Soccer and help others to reach their GOALS!

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