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The Community Stars and Stripes Program runs every fall.  It usually begins in late August and runs through early November.  Indiana Soccer alongside colleges, universities and high schools throughout the state work together to provide an opportunity for players ages 8-14 and not in high school to work on different soccer skills. This program is in it's third year and some of the specifications change each year. The following synopsis is how the program will run in 2011.


To promote individual skill development for players 8-14 (not in high school)
To encourage players to practice on their own. The coaches will focus on how each player can develop in each of these four skills at home.
To promote college and university soccer programs throughout the state of Indiana so that players can see soccer at a higher level.

How do you register or Sign Up for the Community "Stars and Stripes" program?

This program is open to any child between the ages and 8 and 14 and not in high school.  There is no charge for this program. 

"Stars"-Attend any 2 college/high school soccer matches (could be any program around the state) and write an observation report.  The match observation report does not have to be lengthy.

Stripes"-Complete the Stripes Skills program either at home or with your coach.  There are 5 skills included in the "Stripes" Self-Training Program.  These are: Dribbling, Juggling, Passing, Receiving, and Shooting. There are also video examples of how to set up and practice at home or with your coach.  Please see below:

Complete "Stars and Stripes" Program
"Stars" Match Observation Report
"Stripes" Self" BackyardTraining Program
"Stripes" Self Backyard Training Videos
"Stripes" Skills Checklist

Schools Participating with the "Community Stars and Stripes" Program

Indiana University-Men's program 
Indiana University-Women's program
University of Notre Dame Men's program
IUPUI - Women's program
UIndy - Men's program
University of Evansville - Women's program
Oakland City - Women's program

Note: you may also attend matches at additional schools not listed here

Players must pre-register for these sessions on the Indiana Soccer website. Dates will go up about 4-6 weeks before the season begins.  Some dates may be added throughout the season as each high school or college decides to participate. There will be no charge for this program.

For more information, please contact the Indiana Soccer Director of Education

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