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Indiana Soccer Goalkeeper School

Goalkeeping is a unique and specialized position. To assist in both the mental and athletic growth and development of goalkeepers in the state of Indiana, the Indiana Soccer Goalkeeper School is designed to challenge goalkeepers of all skill levels in the technical, tactical, and psychological demands of the position.

The Indiana Soccer Goalkeeper School will be conducted via a partnershp with the Indiana Goalkeeper Academy (IGA) to provide the highest level of professional coaching through the use of nationally licensed coaches focused on goalkeeper development. This is accomplished through the use of a progressive curriculum that gradually builds on technical skills, tactical recognition, situational game management, and fitness specific demands of the position.  Each session will focus on the proper technique to perform each skill combined with the tactical aspects and physical aspects of the game while blending the proper mental approach to achieving the desired level.  The staff of the Indiana Soccer Goalkeeper School is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and individual attention in a positive and encouraging environment. 

The Indiana Goalkeeper School is designed to accommodate beginning, advanced, and elite goalkeepers wanting to maximize their potential.  The Indiand Goalkeeper School is open to all goalkeepers born in 1998 (19U), 1999 (18U), 2000 (17U), 2001 (16U), 2002 (15U), 2003 (14U), 2004 (13U), 2005 (12U), 2006 (11U), 2007 (10U), and 2008 (9U).


  • Instruction from highly qualified staff experienced in both coaching and playing with club, college, and professional teams
  • An opportunity for supplemental training for goalkeepers
  • College recruiting guidance
  • Consistent, affordable training
  • Flexible training dates allow for participation without interfering with club commitments
  • Age group and skill set specific training environments assure participants are appropriately challenged


Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Catching
  • Footwork
  • Diving
  • 1v1
  • Distribution
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Set Plays
  • Team Integration and Tactics
  • Fitness
  • The Mental Game
Indiana Goalkeeper School programming include the following development environments:
These sessions are designed around the fundamentals of the position focused on a broad ranged of goalkeeper skills as well as goalkeeper specific fitness needs. These clinics are open to all goalkeepers born in 1998 (19U), 1999 (18U), 2000 (17U), 2001 (16U), 2002 (15U), 2003 (14U), 2004 (13U), 2005 (12U), 2006 (11U), 2007 (10U), and 2008 (9U).
Designed to instruct goalkeepers and field players in the nuances of shot-stopping and finishing.  By integrating the goalkeepers and field players together we are able to offer a more realistic training environment in the art of shot stopping and finishing. These seminars are open to goalkeepers and field players born in 1998 (19U), 1999 (18U), 2000 (17U), 2001 (16U), 2002 (15U), 2003 (14U), and 2004 (13U).