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Players must be formally invited to participate in State Pool Training. Each player is fairly evaluated in the four components of the game (technical, tactical, psychological, and physical), their creativity and problem solving ability, their ability to contribute to the team, an individual's versatility as a player, and the ability to be competitive within the current State Pool. Invitations come from the State Coaching Staff through a variety of programs. Please read the information below to find out more about our identification process.


This fall, August through November, the Indiana Olympic Development Program will be hosting tryout opportunities in the form of an Evaluation Program and Evaluation Centers to identify new players to the State Pools in the following age groups: 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000 (players not participating in their high school soccer programs). the Evaluation Program occurs at the same location and on the same dates as ODP State Pool Training.  The Evaluation Centers will be set up around the state at locations and dates to be annouced.

Evaluation Program, Tryouts and Evaluation Centers Document Please note that players that are planning to come for a tryout on either October 26 or November 2 will follow the same schedule as those on the State Pool Calendar for their age group.  Players are encouraged to come to both sessions on a given date but can also come to just one of the times if that is all their schedule will allow. 

Registration Links for Evaluations and Tryouts are on the Register Here page

For players born in 1998, 1999, and 2000 who participate in high school soccer.  Open High School Evaluation will occur on Oct. 26 and Nov. 2, 2014 following the completion of a player's high school season. For complete information regarding the Open High School Evaluation process please read the "Invitation Letter to High School Players".

To register for either or both of these dates please go to the Register Here
 page.Scroll down to the heading "Evaluation Program and Tryouts Registration Links."  Make sure you look for the heading "Open High School Evaluation" and click on the date of your choice below it.

The Indiana Olympic Development Program Coaches also watch league and high school games to identify players through direct participation with their club and high school teams.  Players identified through the scouting program will be invited directly into the State pool in their respective age group.

Players can also be recommended directly from ODP State, Regional and National Coaches, as well as from Club Director of Coaches and High School Coaches.  If a player is recommended directly to the Indiana Olympic Development Program the player will either be invited directly into the State Pool or will be asked to an Evaluation Program/Center for further evaluation.

JUNIOR OLYMPIANS: An Introduction to the Olympic Development Program for U10 and U11 Players
Indiana Soccer is excited to introduce “Junior Olympians: An Introduction to the Olympic Development Program” for the 2014-2015 season.   Junior Olympians is designed to be an introduction for U10 (August 2004 - July 2005) and U11 (August 2003 - July 2004) players into the ODP system and training environment that they will encounter in future years.  The primary goal of the program is to improve each player’s technical ability, tactical awareness and understanding of Small Group Tactics.  The Goalkeepers will be incorporated into the field player training and receive team training with no specific goalkeeper training.  The overall program was created for the player who desires a unique learning and training experience, has an ambition to improve their game, and ultimately dreams to play the game at its highest level!

Junior Olympians Informational Document

Junior Olympians Festival (Individual Information)
Junior Olympians Festival (Team Information)

o register for the Junior Olympians Program go to ODP Register Here page

For additional information regarding the Junior Olympians Program please contact Tony Hriczo, Junior Olympians Program Director

Beginning in the 2014-2015 season Indiana Soccer ODP will offer a Goalkeeper School for all players interested in refining the craft of goalkeeping. Goalkeeping is a unique and specialized position.  To assist in both the mental and athletic growth and development of goalkeepers in the state of Indiana, the Indiana Olympic Development Program Goalkeeper School is designed to challenge goalkeepers of all skill levels in the technical, tactical, and psychological demands of the position.  This is accomplished through the use of a progressive curriculum that gradually builds on technical skills, tactical recognition and situational game management, and fitness specific to the demands of the position. This program is for all players in the state of Indiana regardless of affiliation or league.  Indiana Soccer ODP welcomes any goalkeeper that is interested to participate. 

Please refer to the 
Indiana Olympic Development Program Goalkeeper School Description and Components document for detailed information regarding programming offered. For additional information please contact
 Doug Starnes, Indiana ODP Goalkeeper Program Coordinator.

Please visit the
 Indiana ODP Register Here page to register for Indiana ODP Goalkeeper School programming and individual sessions.

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