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 Welcome to Player's Corner! This section of the Olympic Development Program informational pages is for several different things. This page will include player accomplishments, player articles and ODP team accomplishments.  Indiana Soccer will be utilizing players' input as well as coaches' input for this page and its content.

High School All-American Teams 2014
Indiana Soccer Olympic Development is excited to recognize the following ODP players that are participating in the High School All-American soccer game scheduled to be held at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC.
Congratulations to 1997 players Jack Vieth, Cassidy Blacha, Brittnee Gilbert, Ryan Kokoska, and Annika Schmidt and 1996 players Jordan Kleyn, Kelsey Dossey and Rachael Bellefuil! Another reason why...
#IndianaSoccerODPers Rock
Boys Roster
Girls Roster
High School All-American

Letter from the Director about the Veterans Touranment
Hotel Link for Boys Weekend

Medical Release (must be sent to Joy before play is allowed); Make sure you also include a copy of the front and back of your insurance card

Boys Veterans Invitational Tournament Informational Sheets (Rosters and Schedules)
Please check each Informational Sheet in your respective age group to find out which team you are on!

U17 Boys Red Team (1998, 1999)
U16 Boys Red Team (1999, 2000)
U16 Boys Blue Team (1999, 2000)
U15 Boys Red Team (2001, 2002)
U14 Boys Red Team (2001, 2002)
U14 Boys Blue Team (2001, 2002)
U12 Boys Red Team (2003)
U12 Boys Blue Team (2003)
U12 Boys White Team (2003)

Boys VIT Informational Sheets Updated Nov. 13, 2014 at 12:30 pm
Reminder: Evansville is on Central Standard Time!
Recommend you check the Informational Sheets daily for Schedule Changes
Follow @IndianaODP on Twitter for scheduled changes and other important information related to ODP 


2014-15 Indiana Olympic Development Program Documents
Any questions regarding the Indiana Olympic Development Program for 2014-15? The documents below should answer any questions you have regarding programing for the upcoming ODP Calendar year.  Remember the ODP calendar begins in August with the first State Pool Training date and concludes in July with Region II programming. 

1) ODP State Pool Training and Program Calendar
2) ODP Program Goals
3) 2014-15 ODP
 Schedule, Format, and Components
4) Implementation of Training Pools (new for 2014-15)
5) Evaluation - Identification Program (How to get involved)
6) Junior Olympians: An Introduction to the Olympic Development Program for
     U10 and U11 Players
(new for 2014-15)
7) Indiana ODP Goalkeeper School Description and Comnponents




FIFA Nutrition Booklet 2010 Revisions
Energy at Soccer Tournaments
Hydration and Heat Illness Guidelines
Fluid Tips for Parents

Field Play Makes Better Goakkeepers
Living up to the Privilege

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