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Regional Camp is for all age groups (with the exception of the 2002 age group) that are involved in the ODP program.  However, only players that make the ODP state team can attend ODP regional camp.  There is an exception with the youngest age group. All 2002 players will have an opportunity to attend regional camp. However, it is limited to the first 50 girls and the first 48 boys (4 teams of 12 to be divided by the coaching staff and state director). 

Teams for 2014 Regional Tournament Showcase - The following age groups will have the number of teams participating in the regional tournament/showcase as listed below:

1997 Boys - 1 team
1998 Boys - 1 team
1999 Boys - 1 team
2000 Boys - 2 teams
2001 Boys - 2 teams
2002 Boys - 36 players (3 teams of 12) - This is a developmental camp instead of a tournament/showcase.

1997 Girls - 1 team
1998 Girls - 1 team
1999 Girls - 2 teams
2000 Girls - 2 teams
2001 Girls - 2 teams
2002 Girls - 36 players (3 teams of 12) - This is a develoopmental camp instead of a tournament/showcase.

2002 Camp Letter - Read to Register for Camp Now - Players are Limited to 36 per gender so sign up fast Camp Deposit for 2002 Boys (non-refundable)
                                                                                                                                                           Camp Deposit for 2002 Girls (non-refundable)

Camp Deposit - For Players Born between 1997-2001 only (this $250 deposit is a non-refundable deposit unless you do not make the final team for your age group tournament or an alternate cannot be found to replace you; All tournaments this year will be held in Rockford, IL) Final Cost for the tournament is still being determined but should be between $450-$550. This cost is all inclusive...tournament games, food, hotel, travel.

Camp Forms (to be filled out by all players in Phase 3) It doesn't matter if you think I already have these forms.  Please fill all of them out. Please do not ask me if I need a picture on the Player Profile Form...the answer is yes.
All forms (see 4 forms below) MUST be submitted and filled out completely. Deadline for completion and return is May 15. Please note that the Parent/Guardian Consent Player Medical Form requires a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. 
Parent Guardian Consent Player Medical Form (make sure you include a copy of the front and back of your insurance card)
Player Profile Form
Medical Questionnaire Form
Code of Conduct 

Alternate Forms (not required)
Juggleathon Form (coming soon)
Scholarship Form (coming soon)
Early Release Form - this is ONLY for those that plan to pick their player up early from camp; do NOT send this form to the office; needs to be brought with you when you pick up your player from camp

ODP Regional Camp Documents/Information for Camp
Coming soon



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