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What is ODP State Pool Training?
ODP State Pool Training is for players that have been invited to participate through the District Training program or for players that were in the previous year's ODP Spring pool, on the ODP State Team, or an alternate for the state pool team. Players that are in high school may also become eligible for ODP State Pool training through the PDP program.  Eligible players born in 2000, 99, 98, 97, 96, and 95 can attend sessions that are held throughout the fall and winter. Selected players will continue into the spring pool. At the end of April, an ODP State Team will be selected from players that are in the state pools.

ODP fall and winter pools are held throughout the state from September - early March. ODP Spring pool is held from the end of March to early April. State Team training is held in May and June before selected players attend
Regional Camp in July.

The 2000, 99, 98, 97 (not in high school) pools begin training in September and October. Beginning in late October/early November, all players will be together for state pool training. The players in the 2000 pool will not be released this year and all players from the 2000 birth year will automatically be invited back into the pool next fall. All players that are released after winter pool is over will have to be re-identified the following fall if they want to be in the state pool again. Players that make it into the spring pool are allowed to return to the pool the following fall even if they do not make the state team. This season, Indiana Soccer is happy to provide state pool training to the players in the 2001 year group as well.  These players will train for development only in preparation for the following year.  Players from the 2001 birth year will not attend camp in July. The 2001 program will be a partial program that runs in late fall and early spring.  The schedule will be up as soons as it is completed.

Documents about the ODP Program below:
Read about the format (Phases) for the Indiana Olympic Development Program

See the Indiana State Pool/Team FAQ's here

Phase 3 and Evaluations Letter (2000 Players) from Director John Carter

Phase 3 and Evaluations Letter (1995-1999 Players) from Director John Carter

ODP 2011-2012 Calendar
The Indiana Olympic Development Program is excited to announce the 2011-2012 calendar for the upcoming year.  Please click on the following link to access the 2011-2012 calendar:

2011-2012 Indiana Olympic Development Program State Pool Calendar
*Updated 4/19/2012

ODP 2001-For players born in the year 2001 only
Please read about the 2001 ODP training sessions by accessing the following document:

Olympic Development Program 2001 Program

State Pool Training Costs
State Pool Training will be divided into 4 different phases this year.  An explanation of these phases and their costs can be accessed by clicking the link below. Players will also pay a one time pool kit fee of $80 for their training gear.  This kit will include a long sleeve training jersey and 2 short sleeve game jerseys (one red and one white), a pair of training shorts and one pair of socks.

Players returning from 2010-2011 will not have to purchase a new pool kit.  Players returning without a White game jersey will need to purchase one for $25.00.  Additional socks can be purchased for $7.00 a pair.  Socks come in both red and white.

Players that are already in the state pool may start paying for Phase 1 as soon as the link is available online or no later than August 1, 2011. Players may also pay for their pool kit by clicking on the pool kit link when available. Please order your pool kit as quickly as possible to assure you will get your correct size. The sooner you order the pool kit the better. 

2011-2012 Schedule, Format, and Componets

ODP State Pool Commitment
Players need to attend as many state pool sessions as they can. It is important for the state coaching staff to see them as much as possible before the state team selection date. Players must attend prior to the ODP Spring Pool date in order to be considered for the state team. The only exception to this would be with the approval of the ODP Coaching Committee. Players that are identified by a regional staff coach while participating in a league game may be placed in the pool at any time.

ODP State Team Commitment
State Teams will be asked to go to Regional Camp to compete with their teammates against teams from other states (the age groups that this involves varies depending on gender).  Players are trained by regional staff coaches while they are at camp.  A select group of players from each state will be asked to train in a regional pool and then may be selected to be a part of the regional team and/or attend regional events. An even smaller select group will be asked to train at the national level.

ODP State Team Press Release Announcement

Please use the link below to make a press release announcement to your local paper.  If you can include more than one player in your area, that would be great. Sometimes, local papers are more apt to print stories if there is a mention of more than one person in the area that they cover news for.

Press Release Link

ODP Mini Camp:

Mini Camp Schedule; 
Mini Camp Map 1
Mini Camp Map 2
What is Mini Camp?
Letter from Director John Carter 

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