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State Pool Members

This page is dedicated to all state pool members.  Players that are in the state pool will find all information needed here including the 2016-2017 training calendar and the links for registration. Please be sure that you click on each training session that you plan to attend after you have registered and paid for Phase 1.  There are also documents here explaining the 2016-2017 season. 
Read all documents so you will be well informed about the upcoming season.  If you have questions about the program, please contact ODP Administrator Joy Carter 

In addition to registering for Phase 1 and each training session date, I am asking everyone that enters the new season to fill out medical paperwork that I will use for all events from now until the end of July 2017. I know that many of you filled out paperwork in June/July of this year already so I am asking if you still have it, to please change the date on and return it to me.  The paperwork is good for one year.  We are going to start doing this every August (and October for high school players) when ODP starts so that I will not have to bother people for paperwork every time we have an event or right before an event. Please see below for access to the forms.  I am asking that you either email the paperwork to me or hand deliver it when you attend a training session.  All players must turn in completed and updated paperwork (along with a copy of the front and back of their insurance card) before being considered for any additional events that we may have. Please note that there are 2 forms (medical history and medical release).

Medical History Questionnaire
Medical Release 
Copy of front and back of insurance card must accompany this form

State Pool Olympic Development Program Documents
Indiana ODP Program Goals
Indiana ODP Schedule, Format and Components
Indiana ODP Training Pools

2016-2017 Training Calendar (updated 3/4/2017)

 Note, you must sign up for each individual date you plan to attend regardless of which payment option you choose as noted in the Phase 2 document.
Phase 2 Document

Registration Links

Remember, you must click on each date below and register if you plan to attend that date. All sessions for Phase 2 will be held at the Grand Park Events Center unless otherwise informed. Also please check calendar for times.


Boys Links for February
March 5

Girls Links for February
February 26
March 12