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State Pool Members


State pool members

Welcome Letter
ODP Administrator FAQ
2018 - 2019 ODP Master Calendar (Updated 12/03/18)
2018-2019 ODP Format and Components
Numbering System 

State pool members resgistration links
Winter Training Information - Please read before registering
Registration Links for Winter
Phase 2 (Winter Training) - Please read Winter Training Information above before registering
Returning ODP Players
At the beginning of each ODP calendar year or by your first training session the following medical forms must be submitted.  These forms are used anytime a player travels with Indiana ODP to an event, tournament, and trips.  Everyone needs to fill out the forms at the beginning of each calendar year so we have these forms on file (please also include a copy of your insurance card). 

Medical History Questionnaire
Medical Release 
Copy of front and back of insurance card must accompany this form

Everyone must register for the individual training dates you will be attending.  This allows the coaches to prepare the session with a general idea of the numbers for training as well as create training groups. It also allows you to receive the email about the upcoming session. Remember to use the Indiana ODP Player Position Number when indicating your position of play.  
For those wishing to stay overnight for any of the events provided by the Olympic Development Program please feel free to the following link to book a hotelhttps://cityofwestfield.formstack.com/forms/hotel_room_request
Please note that you will need to use the word ODP Training when booking your hotel.