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Summer Camps

Interested in having a summer soccer camp at your club?  Indiana Soccer through the Player Development Program will work with you to design an individual camp experience for your players in your own back yard.  Our camp directors will be happy to come meet with the club leadership to design a program to meet the developmental goals of your club.  Since this is your camp we want the camp to reflect your goals and vision.
The philosophy of "the game is the best teacher" will be implemented through the summer camp experience.  Each session will focus on the proper technique to perform each skill combined with the tactical and physical aspects of the game while blending the proper mental approach to achieving the desired level.  We believe that players improve from learning the proper skills, being challenged through the game, and through positive encouragement, hard work, and determination.  Players will also have the opportunity to develop their technical skills in small group play and game scenarios.  The coaching staff will insure the camps create a fun and challenging environment that also builss the confidence of each player to improve their skills and advance their individual game.
The camp curriculm will focus on the technical development of each player. Players will be trained in the main categories of ball control, fast footwork, juggling, dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, and heading.  Fun and dynamic individual and competitive situations will be implemented into every session to enhance the technical focus and to challenge each player.  In addition to the technical development, small sided and tactical situations will be introduced during these sessions.  Our professional staff uses modern techniques and games in order to get the most out of each player while focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, and gamesmanship.  
If interested in exploring this opportunity to host a summer camp run by the Indiana Soccer Player Development Program please contact one of our camp directors below and we will get back with you to set up a meeting:
Director of Indiana Player Development Program
(o) 317-975-2008
Director of Indiana Player Development Camps