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ODP Tryouts

The Indiana Olympic Development Program goals are to provide for the unfolding of ideas about the game of soccer, to provide the players confidence and ideas to solve problems the game presents them, and to provide opportunities for the gradual growth and advancement through challenging, creative, and positive training and playing environments.  You must be identified and invited to join the Indiana Olympic Development Program. 
Players must be formally invited to participate in State Pool Training. Each player is fairly evaluated in the four components of the game (technical, tactical, psychological, and physical), their creativity and problem solving ability, their ability to contribute to the team, an individual's versatility as a player, and the ability to be competitive within the current State Pool. For more information regarding the tryout opportunities please refer to the documents below:
Tryouts for the 2017-2018 season are now complete.

Fall 2017 Tryout Opportunities
The following opportunities are available for players to tryout and be invited to join the State Pool for 2017-2018 in their respective age groups.  Eligible age groups for the fall are 2003 (players not in high school), 2004, 2005 and 2006.
ODP Evaluation Full Program (Coming Fall 2018)
Designed to be more of a developmental program than simply a one day selection/tryout process.  Players opting for this option will train over the course of four dates combining developmental training along with the opportunity to be identified to join the State Pool in one’s respective age group.  For more information regarding this program please refer to the "ODP Fall Evaluation/Identification Programs" document above. To register for the ODP Evaluation Full Program please use the registration link below:
ODP Evaluation Program One Day Tryout (Coming Fall 2018)
Winter 2017 - 2018 Tryout Opportunities 
Tryout opportunities for the 2017-2018 are now complete. We will see you next season.  IF you have any questions, please contact Joy Carter.
Additional Identification Methods
Players may also be identified and invited directly into the State Pool in their respective age groups via the following ways:

Scouting Program
The Indiana Olympic Development Program Coaches also watch league and high school games to identify players through direct participation with their club and high school teams. Players identified through the scouting program will be invited directly into the State Pool in their respective age group.

Recommendations from ODP State, Regional and National Coaches
Indiana ODP solicits recommendations from coaches around the state, region and nation who have seen players play in their regular environments.  If a player is recommended directly to the Indiana Olympic Development Program the player will either be invited directly into the State Pool or will be asked to attend an Evaluation session (tryout) for further evaluation.