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Soccer Across America

Soccer Across America (formerly Soccer Start) is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to children living in communities not yet served by existing clubs and leagues. Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in underserved communities, Soccer Across America provides soccer training and administrative guidance to players and organizations that might not be exposed to the sport.
Soccer Across America also helps new programs find the funding and equipment to begin and then expand their activities. Over the past several years, Indiana Soccer’s Soccer Across America program has donated thousands of dollars in financial support, equipment and administrative assistance to programs across the state of Indiana.

“Soccer Across America has one goal in mind - to make the game of soccer accessible to all children.  Through this program, we have a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of those youth who might not otherwise enjoy this experience. Please contact me to learn how you can activate a Soccer Across America in your community” – Paco Espinosa, director of marketing and public relations for Indiana Soccer.

Introduction to Soccer Across America 
Soccer Across America Brochure 
Soccer Across America Grant History


SS852084Reach out to children in underserved communities and socio-economically disadvantaged areas in order to offer them an ongoing program of positive sports activities through soccer. 
Provide a positive activity outside of school which will encourage exercise and increase awareness of one’s own health through sports. 
Increase an individual’s self-esteem through participation in an organized and supportive program of team activities. 
Build positive social and life skills.


Each program starts differently and is created locally to meet the unique needs and capabilities of the organization and players. Programs in the nation’s largest cities may include thousands of children. Yet, there are hundreds of small programs that focus on one or two teams, one group of kids in a single household, or one corner of a rural farming community.
Programs may last for as a little as a few weeks or follow the more traditional spring/fall format. Depending on your field availability you may decide to play indoor/futsal during the winter and provide outdoor mini-camps during the summer. Use your imagination and be willing to adapt to your communities strengths and volunteer base.
Many programs adopt traditional soccer rules with full-sized fields and full-length games, while others choose to introduce soccer through “small-sided games” on smaller fields. The choices about how to begin are as varied as the places in which they begin. Soccer Across America can help your program decide on how to get started by providing the administrative assistance and start-up equipment to ensure a successful program for years to come. 

Potential Partner Organizations
YMCA’s and YWCA’s, Police Athletic Leagues, Schools, Churches, Housing Authorities, Boys and Girls Clubs, City Parks and Recreation, Neighborhood Centers, High School and College Service Organizations



Financial Support
Individual/Club donations
Private/Corporate donations
Indiana Soccer
United States Youth Soccer
Indiana Soccer Foundation
New team uniforms from individual Travel/Recreational Teams and Clubs
Leftover T-shirts and Trophies from your Club's tournament(s)

Soccer Across America Committee members from all Districts 

GOALS FOR 2016-2017

Equipment / Personnel Needs

  • Identify one Soccer Across America representative in each of the Indiana Soccer Clubs.
  • Increase the professional/college teams involvement with Soccer Across America
  • Support SCORE on its efforts to bring more and new members
  • Provide small sided goals
  • Promote corporate sponsorship of the program


Paco Espinosa
Marketing and Public Relations
Indiana Soccer
19000 Grand Park Blvd. Suite J
Westfield, Indiana 46074
Direct Line: 317-975-2005 Ext. 2005