Winter Goalkeeper Clinics

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Winter Goalkeeper Clinics are open to all players born in 1998 (19U), 1999 (18U), 2000 (17U), 2001 (16U), 20002 (15U), 2003 (14U), 2004 (13U), 2005 (12U), 2006 (11U), 2007 (10U), and 2008 (9U). 

Indiana Soccer Goalkeeper School will offer age group specific training throughout the winter months for players focused on a broad range of goalkeeping skills as well as goalkeeper specific fitness needs.  The mission of the Indiana Goalkeeper School is to offer professional training for all goalkeepers at any skill level designed in a fun but challenging age appropriate environment aimed at goalkeeper development.  The goals are to expose each player to different coaching styles, mixed with players from different areas, and to raise the overall ability level and general goalkeeping ability of each individual player.  Players will be encouraged to have fun in the game, challenge themselves in positive training environments and to learn to love the game of soccer!

The Winter Goalkeeper Clinics will occur over three training dates each month in a progressive curriculum that builds upon each other. The training plan will be customized by age group in challenging, high energy, and fun environments focused on age appropriate activities. Each session will incorporate the following components to maximize personal development and challenge players to improve their overall skill level in individual and small group activities:
  1. Technical Components (Handling, Diving, Distribution, Footwork)
  2. Tactical Components (Positioning, Body Positioning, Distribution)
  3. Physical Components (Speed, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination)
  4. Mental Components (Focus, Awareness, Concentration, Communication, Effort, Decision Making)
  5. Social Components (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Respect, Positive Attitde, Building Confidence)
Winter Goalkeeper Clinics Training Facility
All Winter Goalkeeper Clinics will be held at the new Grand Park Events Center (Indoor) located at the Grand Park Complex in Westfield, Indiana.  The Grand Park Events Center is a 370,000 square foot building which features three full sided professional turf soccer fields, specator viewing from two concourses 15 feet about the field for excellent viewing, full service restaurant on the main floor and a grill with bar service overlooking the main field.  Players will not find a better venue to train in over the winter months.
Winter Goalkeeper Clinic Cost
Players can either sign up for the full 3 week program which includes all 3 session (package deal) or can sign up for each session individually.
  • Full Camp (all 3 training dates/sessions):   $175.00
  • Individual Date/Clinic Registration (per date/clinic):   $75.00
Winter Goalkeeper Clinic Schedule and Registration Information
Registration links for all clinics are below.  If you register for the full program (3 training dates) click on "Full Program Registration Link" and you will be automatically be registered for all three dates under that program.  If registering for individual dates you will need to click each individual date under each camp session you want to attend.