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This year, Indiana Soccer and Indy Eleven would like to invite Clubs and Teams to be part of Youth Soccer Month by creating activities focused on the four pillars of Youth Soccer Month: Fitness, Fun, Familys and Friendship.  Partner with colleges, universities, institutions and organizations to promote the game in your community and obtain a promotional package from Indy Eleven to give away to your participants during your event.  Do not forget to reach out to your community’s representatives and encourage them to proclaim September as the Youth Soccer Month and support your activities. We are very close from the start of this important month for US Youth Soccer, and we would like to have everyone involved contributing in the growth of this beautiful sport.  For more information contact Director of Marketing and Communication Paco Espinosa at or call 317-829-0560.


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Youth Soccer Month is designed to help you get involved and celebrate Youth Soccer in your own unique way. We want to hear how you participate in Youth Soccer Month this year. Click here to tell us how you get involved during Youth Soccer in Indiana and be seen in the Indiana Soccer communication channels.

Get Involved and Celebrate Youth Soccer in September!
After you obtain the proclamation from your city, think about 10 ways for the kids from your club to participate in the promotion of the sport both on and off the field. Do not forget to ask them to wear their soccer jersey to school, talk to their friends about soccer, and even invite them to go out to play during their free time. Remember that there are many ways you can contribute in the promotion of soccer and the development of players in your community, emphasizing your efforts on the four pillars of Youth Soccer Month… FITNESS, FUN, FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP.

Interest in the sport of soccer is at its highest level ever, with more than 19 million children ages five – 19, from Portland, ME to Portland, OR, on city streets and in suburban fields, playing the game.  More children are participating in organized soccer than any other sport.  For these children, soccer is more than a pastime, it is a passion.

Recognizing the impact and importance the sport of soccer plays in the day-to-day lives of America’s families, US Youth Soccer, with 3.2 million members, the nation’s largest youth sports association, is spearheading the third annual Youth Soccer Month - Celebrating Soccer in America, this September.  Why is soccer so popular?  Because it offers children, both girls and boys the opportunity to participate in a healthy lifestyle, be physically active and develop social skills while making new friends.

Come on out and celebrate Youth Soccer Month in September with a proclamation or action day event.


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Goals of Youth Soccer MonthYouth Soccer Month

Youth Soccer Month can be implemented for a day, week or the entire month of September.  The following objectives of the Celebration may be modified to fit the needs of a specific US Youth Soccer State Association.
  • Raise awareness of US Youth Soccer and the benefits of playing the game
  • Emphasize soccer as the number one youth participation sport in America and a leading contributor to the healthy lifestyle of millions of American families
  • Bring kids and families of all ages and all abilities together for fun, friendship and fitness
  • Highlight the various programs available to children interested in participating in soccer, including urban programs, programs for children with special needs, recreational  and elite soccer programs 
Celebrating Soccer in America

Additionally, Youth Soccer Month is comprised of a month-long mixture of national and grassroots events designed to raise awareness of the benefits of participating in “The beautiful game.”  Youth Soccer Month also highlights the various programs available to children interested in participating in soccer, including the inner city, special needs, recreational and elite soccer programs that have facilitated the growth of the sport at all levels. 

In fact, the messages of Youth Soccer Month mirror those of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports  communicating the importance of physical activity/fitness and exercise and their link to good health, while also furthering President Obama's vision of a healthier United States where citizens are physically active every day, value nutrition and avoid risky behaviors.

The Four Pillars of Youth Soccer Month

Throughout Youth Soccer Month, a series of messages will be highlighted to illustrate “Celebrating Soccer in America.”  Each week during Youth Soccer Month, a different message will be the focus of communication and programming:

Week One - Fun:  The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefit of playing soccer… Learn More
Week Two - Family:  The relationships and fun generated through playing soccer extend beyond the field… Learn More
Week Three - Friendship:  Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacation and family time are coordinated… Learn More
Week Four - Fitness:  Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy and affordable... Learn more

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