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2012 National Referees/Candidates New Assessment Matrix Requirements

The 2013 Assessor Clinic: TBD at a later date


Cien Asoera- Referee Inspector
Tim Geis- Referee Inspector
John Katsaropoulos- Emeritus National Assessor
Samir Yasa- State Assessor
Rick Balak- State Assessor
Tony Asoera- State Assessor
Chris Demaree- State Assessor
John Gersting- State Assessor
Tom Berger- State Assessor
Terry Shipley- Referee Assessor
Mike McCoy- Referee Assessor
Dale Feldmeyer- Referee Assessor
Tom Price- Referee Assessor
Dave Macy-Referee Assessor
Ron Harnage- Associate Referee Assessor



Listed below, please find information and the procedure for all maintenance assessments for referee grades 7, 6 and 5.  This is a requirement set forth by USSF in the Referee Administration Handbook, and the requirement is needed, in order to register in your current grade for the next registration period.

Referee Information:
All assessments are to be paid by the referee, through the ISRC.  The fee for all maintenance assessments is $50.00, paid by a check and sent to the SDA prior to the game.  The assessor will then submit an expense form for the assessment.

The assessor expenses for mileage and others will be paid by the ISRC.

Referee grade 7 assessments are to be Guidance and Developmental assessments on all full time games at the U-17 level or higher.

Referee grade 6 assessments are to be full assessments on any full time game at the Adult Division II game or higher. 

Referee grade 5 assessments are to be full assessments on any full time game at the Adult Division I game of higher.

Any referee that fails a maintenance assessment is required to have another assessment and pass that assessment.  If a referee fails the second assessment, the referee will be downgraded the next registration year.

The SDA will keep records of the maintenance assessments and will share the referee game information with the SYRA, SRA and registrar on a monthly bases.

The referee is responsible for payment of the assessor fee of $50.00, at the game site.

All assessments are to be coordinated and assigned by the SDA.

No assessments will be counted towards an upgrade or a maintenance unless the assessor was appointed by the SDA or in rare occasions by the SRA.

The referee is to contact the SDA with the game information: date, time, location, field number, division of the game, and referee crew.

It is recommended that the referee give the SDA two week notifications before the game day in order to set up the assessor.

The SDA will contact the assessor and referee once the assignment has been confirmed; by email or phone.

General Information:
All assessment reports are to be mailed or emailed to the referee and SDA within the first 72 hours of the game.  This will insure the referee gets the information before the next set of games.

Assessments can be done at tournaments with full time games, such as USYSA Regionals, USYSA Nationals, USASA Regionals, USASA Nationals, or other USSF appointed tournaments, inter-state and intra state tournaments, as long as the referee is approved by the SDA, SYRA or SRA prior to the start of the tournament.

All out of state tournaments need the SYRA or SRA permission.

Referees are encouraged to get the assessments done early in the year.  This will allow time in case the game does not meet the criteria of a sufficient game or possible failure. 

To Be Scheduled for an Upgrade
Please fill out both forms and send to SAMIR YASA
Upgrade Request Form   and    Upgrade Request Attachment

Other Forms and Documents

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