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Samir YasaState Referee Administrator (SRA)
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA)

Samir Yasa   

9333 N. Meridian St. Suite 225
Indianapolis, IN 46260


Rick BalakState Director of Instruction (SDI)

Eric Cox 

Evansville, IN 



                               State Director of Assessment (SDA)
                               State Director of Mentoring (SDM)

                               Rick Balak

Bob GibsonState Registrar

Bob Gibson

Elkhart, IN
PH:  (574) 536-3141


Ann ClineSecretary / Treasurer

Ann Cline

Noblesville, IN

Bruce CarlstedtState Coordinator of Assignors (SCA)

Bruce Carlstedt

Westfield, IN

 Dave Guthrie
Executive Director

Dave Guthrie

317-829-0560 Ext. 103



To send an e-mail to your DRA click on their name in the list below. 

Districts by County and Zip Code.


 District               DRA

   1     Jan Costa
  1     Ismail Attallah

   2     Daniel Nava

   3     Ben Trevino

   4     Dave Abrams

   5     Kelly Dossey

   6     Thom Parks

   7     Tom Price

   8    Bryan Sulcer  
   8    Brian Dempsey

   9 Teresa Knear-Bell

  10    Dilip Vyas
 10    Brian LaVelle

  11    Steve Brink

  12    Bruce Carlstedt

  13    Stephen Chalko


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