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 FIFA Laws of the Game 2012-2013

Markings of the Field (video presentation)

Understanding Offsides (video presentation)

Law Updates and Position Papers --Please Download the Links Below

Law Updates
2012 Memorandum
2012 Exposicion de
Advantage Update
7+7 Cautions and Send Offs 
I got the Ball
Officiating  Team Communication
Guide to Procedures
Requirements for Injured Player Position Paper
Restart Matrix for Referees
Indiana Youth Playing Rules (Updated 3/20/2015)
US Soccer Federation - Referee Program Website
Assistant Referee Involvement Final
Handball Directive
Free Kick and Restart Management Final 
Managing the Technical Area
The Fourth Official, Standing or Sitting
Offside Made Easy
Information for New Referees
Advice to Referees
Kicks from the Mark
U.S. Soccer Referee Report
U.S. Soccer Supplemental Referee Report
Hot & Cold Recommendations
New Heat-Cold Guidelines
Indiana Temperature Safety Chart

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