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Updated 11-26-2012

Account Set Up and Clinic Registration


Grade 8 Recertification Clinics
New Entry Level Clinics
Assignor Recertification Clinic

The above clinics require an extensive online commitment prior to the classroom sessions.
Once you complete regisration you can begin the online modules right away.


At this time all clinics have closed.  If there is enough demand additional clinics could be posted for August 2015 and then again starting in November 2015.  Please check back in the June/July time frame to see if there are any new clinics being offered.  Between August 2014 and March 2015, there were over 92 clinics offered in the state of Indiana.

Referee clinics are typically offered between November and February of each year.  The administration of our clinics is handled by the website.  For a listing of clinics please visit and click the Sign up for Course button on the left.  If you would like to be a new referee click on New Entry Level Clinics.  Important to note that all referees need to recertify annually.

1. Find the button that looks like the one below. 


2.  Next input their email address they user for Gotsoccer.


3.  They should get an email from - this

      should have their username.


4.  Now input username and email address to reset password. Looks like this below.


5.  Please keep this info handy as you will need this every year for recertification.  

Top of Form

F O R G O T   U S E R N A M E

Enter your email address in the box below. We will attempt to find usernames that are associated with that address. If we find any, we will send an email with the usernames to the email address you listed. *

Email Address 

Find Username

Bottom of Form

Top of Form


F O R G O T   P A S S W O R D

Enter your username and one of the email addresses associated with your account. You must enter a valid address. An email will be sent to all of the email addresses associated with your account containing your new password. If you do not know your username, use the Forgot Username option above to find it. * Username 

Primary Email Address 

Request New Password

Anyone looking to host a new clinic, please contact your local DRA.

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