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A club of four or more teams of any type may affiliate with Indiana Soccer. A club with three or fewer teams may be considered for membership with Indiana Soccer Board of Directors approval.  Membership includes affiliate membership in the United States Youth Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.

To apply for membership, an organization must send the following to the Indiana Soccer state office:
  • List of Club Officers with full contact information
  • Copy of the Club Bylaws.
  • a brief description of the club's programs
  • location of club fields


A brief description of the club.  Information such as the team level of play, ages of players, approximate number of players to be registered, season of play should be included along with any other information that Indiana Soccer should know about when considering the organization for membership.

Indiana Soccer will provide a by-law template to help clubs develop their bylaws if needed.  This template is available on the Indiana Soccer website or an electronic file can be sent to you by email attachment.

After all information is received and reviewed by the Indiana Soccer staff, the club application is presented to the Executive Committee of the Indiana Soccer Board of Directors for discussion and approval. A club seeking affiliation is expected to begin the process of incorporating and filing for not-for-profit status within a reasonable length of time.

Once approved, the new club is given an official "Club Number" and may then begin the process of registering players and teams. No payment is due until the club begins to register players.  At that time, the club will pay a per player registration fee.  

Any questions about the membership process should be directed to Sarah Cantwell, Director of Member Services at the Indiana Soccer state office.


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