Background Checks

As part of the risk management plan, Indiana Soccer REQUIRES that all adults having significant contact with club players or club funds must have a current background check performed by and on file with the Indiana Soccer State Office.  Background checks are run daily through  on information provided by each adult on a disclosure form.  


The risk management focus on the adults in our soccer communities is clear as it relates to sexual abuse with children or other adults.  We, as members, are asked to fill out a disclosure and a background check must be run every two years. Most clubs fulfill this requirement with their administrators, team coaches and managers. 

The disclosure form can be accessed by the adult within his or her account in GOTSOCCER - the Indiana Soccer registration program.  Each adult is given a log in user name and password by their club registrar and can then fill out the disclosure once they log into their GOTSOCCER account successfully. A National Criminal Background Check will automatically run at the point the disclosure is submitted and the results will be available in the adult's account once the check has been completed.

If you do not know your GOTSOCCER user name and password needed to access your personal account & complete a background check, please contact your club administrator (registrar) for help.  
For more information about the background check policy, please contact Indiana Soccer Director of Member Services Sarah Cantwell