Indiana Soccer Webinars


Indiana Soccer understands the difficulties that representatives of our members face when it comes to different processes to accomplish the objectives of their club.  For this reason, the association created a series of webinars with topics that will take individuals step by step to complete their tasks.  

Registering Teams 
Background Check for Coaches 
Adding Club Pass Player
Assign an Overage Player to a Team
Submitting a Game Report  
Writing a Support Ticket To ISL (Indiana Soccer League)
Add or Remove Level of Play to a Player Account
Add or Remove Players in Mass to a Team
Searching Invoiced Players 
Club Assigning ID Numbers 
Changing Adult Profile Picture
Creating a Club Account for US Youth Soccer Club Directory
Updating Club Information for US Youth Soccer Club Directory
Registering for Olympic Development Program
Learn More About Coaching Education
Learn More About TOPSoccer Program