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Risk Management is a method for identifying risks in all areas, and developing and implementing a plan to protect an organization and prevent loss.  An effective Risk Management program consist of these four basic steps:

  • Assess, identify, analyze, and prioritize potential risks
  • Select methods to prevent loss
  • Implement the best methods
  • Monitor the results and revise as necessary


Risk Management Plan
Indiana Soccer is committed to protecting its human, financial, and goodwill assets and resources through the practice of effective Risk Management. The Board of Directors and staff are dedicated to safeguarding the safety and dignity of its paid and volunteer staff, its clients, and anyone who has contact with the organization. To this end, the board will insure that Indiana Soccer has a Risk Management Plan for the organization that is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Risk Management Resources
Risk management includes a variety of categories including concussions,  financial, field & facility (goal safety), weather-related, and player safety. Indiana Soccer offers a variety of tools and resouces to protect your players and club.

Pullen Insurance
Pullen Insurance Services offers a many resources to maximixe your risk management plan.

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