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The Seymour Cyclones program is recognizing those that stand for big goals reflect the club’s values as well as teaching its players to be able to recognize those that match their values from opposite team players. 
This year, the Seymour Commissioner, Jackie Stevens, and the Director of Coaching, Matt Dennis introduced a new patch program to recognize their players and their accomplishments. There are two ways to earn a patch and here is how it works.

One can come to any of the Seymour club practices and see many of the athletes working on their juggling skills; working to earn a patch. There are several patches that athletes received based on the level they get. Accomplishing 10 consecutive touches from any body surface, starting from the ground, the player can earn a purple patch; with 25 touches starting from the ground but only counting touches by the feet, the player will earn a bronze patch; with 50 touches starting from the ground, countingfeet only, the player will earn the silver patch and the ultimate goal is to reach 100, earning the gold patch.

There is also a second way to earn a patch - Every soccer game the club’s teams participates in, they ask the opposing team’s coach and players to pick a player from the Seymour team who they believe showed grace, good ball handling skills, or just was a great player overall, and the club ask the opposing team to present a patch to that player. Then, the Seymour coach and players reciprocate to one of the opposing players. The Seymour players love being able to give this award to an opposing player, recognizing all of the positive things that take place in a game. Coaches, parents and more importantly, players have been having so much fun with this and they have received great feedback from the other teams.

On September 20th, at one of the Seymour High School boys’ home games, all of the players that had earned a patch thus far were called onto the field at half-time to be recognized again for all their hard work. This is just another way clubs such as Seymour is working to grow and bring positive attention to its club teams and players.

Indiana Soccer would like to thank Sarah Sterling for sharing this initiative that certainly matches the values of Indiana Soccer.

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