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Celebrate Soccer and enetr to win a prize:  Youth Soccer Month

As you know “street soccer” is a session in the National Youth License coaching course.  A while back one of the course candidates suggested the idea of a national street soccer (pick-up game) day.  I thought it was a great idea.  So as a part of Youth Soccer Month we have designated the Wednesday of the week for Fun as Street Soccer Day.  That day is September 5th.  Youth Soccer Month is September and each week has a different focus; in order they are – Fun, Family, Friendship and Fitness.

The plan for Street Soccer Day is for clubs all across the USA to set up that day at their club as one when players come in to have pick-up games.  That set up can be as organized or unorganized as the club desires.  The set up could be a Play Day as envisioned by Vince Ganzberg, former Technical Director for Indiana Soccer.  Or it could be to simply encourage coaches to step aside at training sessions that day and let the players take charge.  However the set up goes at a club, the idea is to give the game back to the players.  Part of the thrill for the players is knowing that other players just like them, from Maine to Hawaii, from Florida to Alaska and in every size soccer club are having a game just like theirs.

Just as the idea of Youth Soccer Month has grown with state associations, clubs, high schools, colleges and professional teams the Street Soccer Day idea will grow in time.  Imagine the improvement that will be made in youth soccer as the nation uniformly focuses on this day as the kick-off to a player centered soccer year.  I know that for this year the notice is short, but please do all that you can to encourage your clubs to join in the celebration of Street Soccer Day.

To aid in the education process of the value of Street Soccer please click on the following link:
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