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Indiana Soccer has changed the date of allowable player contact for all clubs to adhere to when preparing for travel tryouts this upcoming June for the 2013-14 seasonal year.  The change is the direct result of club requests after the state announced that the 2013 State Cup Finals would be held earlier this year than in past years.  The cup final dates of June 1-2 would mean that cup finals would not have ended prior to the current allowable contact date for clubs to contact players in order to invite them to tryouts.  Club directors of coaching contacted the competition department with requests to change the date of allowable contact to a date after the conclusion of the Indiana Cups.  The Competition Department was in agreement with this request and communicated this request to the rest of the Indiana Soccer Staff.   The result of this communication is that the Registration Rules have been officially changed to reflect the new contact date policy effective beginning in June 2013 for the 2013-2014 season. 
The actual section in the Indiana Soccer Registration Rules that was changed and updated is Section 5.5-2 Allowable Contact and the section is printed here for your information.

A player(s) may not be contacted by a coach, parent, team manager, or other club affiliate, for the purpose of recruiting until the first Monday following the conclusion of the Indiana State Cups or until such player(s) has committed to another club for the upcoming seasonal year.
This year, the first Monday following the conclusion of the Indiana Soccer State Cups is Monday June 3, 2013.  This actual date may change each year, but will never be prior to the conclusion of Cup play.
Should you have any questions about the above policy change, do not hesitate to call Indiana Soccer for further clarification at 317-829-0560.

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