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This past week, Indiana Soccer’s Director of Education Steve Franklin, joined 40 other coaches as part of the NSCAA Special Topics Course in Manchester, England. The purpose of the event was to learn more about the methodology of Manchester United First Team Coach Rene Meulensteen. Indiana Soccer is currently the only state association currently offering the Meulensteen Academy (MA) courses offered through Sportspartners North America. 

Manchester United’s Robin van Persie recently praised Meulensteen in an article in The, saying - “the way he (Meulensteen) trains is exceptional. He is truly one of the best coaches in the world. I have had a lot of good trainers, but it’s the way he prepares our team for games.” Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney among others, have matured through the Meulensteen approach to training. Read More.

Indiana Soccer is currently offering Meulensteen Coaching 100 and 200 level certification courses. To register for a course simply click on the following link:
Meulensteen Course Listing.

To see pictures of the NSCAA Special Topics Course, please click on the following link:
RMA Coaching Course

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