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ISL Spring 2014 Registration

The Indiana Soccer League is proud announcing over 1000 teams register for spring 2014 across all its divisions.  Indiana Soccer league better known as “ISL” is the largest and most comprehensive youth soccer league in Indiana that includes teams from over 130 clubs from the state.

“We are excited about the registration of teams and players for this spring.  The clubs have done a fantastic job of providing their players with quality training and competition and the results are an increase in players and teams in their program."  George Perry, ISL Commissioner stated.

The Indiana Soccer League goal for fall 2014 is to continue building a relationship with member clubs to create a structure that provides the elements that will contribute to the success of the over 20,000 players that participate in the league, thus maintain or even increase the number of teams that participate in the fall and spring every year.

“Indiana Soccer continues to work to represent the needs of the clubs, the teams and the players.  We are constantly evaluating, with the assistance of the clubs, how to provide the best environment for the development of our players and the game in Indiana." Perry concluded.

ISL is in conversations with different organizations to bring more benefits to participants.  More information coming soon. 

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