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Travel Permits

Note: Effective 10-1-09 all travel teams apply for travel permits using GotSoccer. 


  • Manager or Coach log on to the team account
  • If you need a travel permit for an event registered with GotSoccer, you will see a link to request a travel permit in the box for the team application to that event. Click the word REQUEST and follow the instructions given.
  • If you need a travel permit for an event not registered with GotSoccer, click on the "etravel - other EVENT" link, then click on PERMISSION TO TRAVEL. Follow the instructions given.
  • You can check back in your team account and see when the permit has been approved. You will also be able to print the Approved Travel Permission form to take to your event.
  • Most permits will be approved within a few days. 
  • Contact Angel Hall with any questions.



  • You do not need a travel permit for a tournament or games sanctioned by Indiana Soccer hosted by an Indiana Soccer member club.
  • Travel permits will only be granted to tournaments or games hosted and sanctioned by US Youth Soccer member organizations.
  • The approved travel permit will not be e-mailed to you. It will only be available in your team account and can be printed from there.

Log in to your team account and request a travel permit <-- Click Here