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Book of Reports 2012-2013

2012-2013 Book of Reports

Letter of Notice

Table of Contents

Annual General Meeting
Proposed Agenda
Affiliated and Allied Member Voting Right
Club Vote Count 
Candidate for the Board of Directors - Maureen Merhoff
Candidates for the Board of Directors - Alan Brown
Candidate for Board of Directors - Joseph Fistrovich
Bylaws of Indiana Soccer

Annual General Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the BOD of the Indiana Soccer Assoc. 

Summary of Board Motions
Summary of Board Motions

Board of Directors Reports
President Report
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report

Audit Report and Financial Statement
IRS Form 990
Indiana NP-20 Form

Committees that Report to the Executive Director
Audit Committee Report
Governance Committe Report
TOPS report
Tournament and Cup Tournament
2013 Cups Results

State Office Report
Excecutive Director
Director of Education
Director of Member Services
Indiana Soccer Awards
Director of Competition / Indiana Soccer League
Adult Competition
Director of Communications / Marketing
Olympic Development Program (ODP)
Senior Director of Operations & Business Development 
Staff Organization Chart

State Referee Administrator
Indiana State Referee Report

Indiana Soccer Foundation
Indiana Soccer Foundation Report