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Quick Facts & Mission


in_soccer_logo_fullcolorIndiana Soccer is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF)United States Youth Soccer (USYS), Unites States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and United States Futsal Association (USFF). It is a not-for-profit Indiana corporation, allowing tax deductible donations and contributions to the fullest extent of the law. Indiana has a current membership base of over 60,000 youth players, 3,000 adult players, 8,000 active coaches, 3,800 referees and thousands of volunteers through its network of over 140 local member clubs across the state of Indiana.

Indiana Soccer is organized to provide nonprofit, public, educational soccer development and competition. Its leadership is comprised of an Executive Committee and a volunteer Board of Directors who represent all parts of the state. The organization currently has a professional staff of 8 full-time employees working out of the State Office in Westfield, Indiana.  

Indiana Soccer Structure 
National Organizational Structure - Indiana Soccer
International Organizational Structure - Indiana Soccer
World Organizational Structure - Indiana Soccer 

 - Workshops & AGM
 - Awards Gala

 - Coaching Courses Description 
 - E License
 - D License 
 - Symposiums 
 - Youth Module 1 
 - Youth Module 2
 - Youth Technical Course
 - Future Coaches Program
 - Meulensteen Academy 

Tounaments Sanctioned by Indiana Soccer (31)
 - Tournaments Sanctioned

 - Olympic Development Program (ODP)
 - TOPSoccer
 - Soccer Across America
 - Youth Soccer Month
 - Developmental Camps
 - Goalkeeper School
 - Indiana Soccer League (ISL)
 - Midwest Regional League (MRL)
 - Adult leagues

 - Indiana State Cup
 - Indiana Presidents Cup
 - Indiana Challenge Cup
 Indiana Memorial Cup
 - Kohl's American Cup

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Indiana Soccer’s purpose is to: govern, promote, facilitate, and enhance, soccer participation and access for all Hoosiers.

Indiana Soccer’s mission is to: govern, facilitate, and promote the sport of soccer through member support, education, asset development, and programming, for the beneficial advancement of all Hoosiers.

Indiana Soccer’s vision is that:  every Indiana citizen and community reach their copious potential as a result of the purposeful and strategic implementation of soccer.
We shall accomplish this vision by being:
 - An organization that creates a fun, positive, healthy, and safe environment incorporating the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.
 - An ultimate resource for the development and education of the soccer community in Indiana.
 - Known for quality leadership, quality events, quality programs and quality service. 
 - Sensitive and responsive to the needs of our membership
 - Forward thinking, creative and fiscally responsible.
 - The model soccer development organization in the United States.

Our core values are directly linked to our vision, fuel our passion to keep focused on our membership, shape the way we work with our customers, and drive our decision-making process. 
We Shall accomplish this values by: 
 - Promoting a healthy, safe and fun playing environment. 
 - Ensuring a dependable, accountable and caring organization. 
 - Building character through a focus on fair play and good sportsmanship. 
 - Promoting integrity, high ethics and moral standards. 
 - Providing inclusive opportunities for everyone to participate. 
 - Encouraging teamwork, leadership, respect and family values in the game for all kids!

 - Seasonal Year - September 1 - August 31 
 - Budget Year - August 1 - July 31 
 - Serve Youth Players - 4-19 years of Age
 - Serve Adult Players 19 - 65+ years of Age
 - Number of Clubs - 138+
 - Number of Players - (2015-2016) ,61,000+
 - Recreational Players - 36,000+
 - Recreational-Plus - 4,000+
 - Travel Players - 18,000+
 - Adult players - 3 000+
 - Coaches - 8,000 + 
 - Referees - 3,800 + 
 - Affiliate of US Youth Soccer Association, US Adult Soccer Association, US Futsal Federation and US Soccer
 - Region II Midwest (14 State Associations) 
 - A 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization 
 - Board of Directors: (9 elected plus Executive Director)
    4 Officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer & 5 At-large + Exec. Dir.
 - Executive Director