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ODP Testimonials


This Is What ODP Families Are Saying About The ODP Program

Thank you again for all of the time and energy you put in to develop and create a great experience for the kids at events like Memphis and throughout the year with ODP.  Know that Liam really enjoys being a part of ODP and truly appreciates the opportunity to represent Indiana. Thanks again for everything and hope you all have a great spring!  Be well- Brian Horan 2009 Boys' Dad

Coach Dave – thank you for your leadership over the past 2 years. AJ enjoys learning from you and playing for you. Joy – as I said in Memphis, I feel like I’ve been in the “Joy Army” these past 2 years.  Really appreciate your great communication and how organized things are with the program.  All the best to you in your retirement!  Again, thank you both for all you do and have done.  We look forward to continuing on the with the program in the years to come. Best, Art Partain 2011 Boys Dad

Grady has thoroughly enjoyed ODP this year. It was his first time around and he was nervous, but he has already made great friends from other clubs and now he looks forward to playing against them in the spring. He was a little disappointed that he didn’t make the Red team with his club teammates from Fort Wayne United but took it as a challenge to improve. I would like to commend you and your staff for a well-organized and informative program. We plan on being a part of it for years to come!
Terry C. Burns 2010 Boys

Hi Coach Abbie, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that hard work, encouragement, and excellent coaching that you and your ODP team poured into the girls! It was an incredible winter session of development, capped off by a fantastic weekend in Memphis.

Thank you for giving Olivia (2012 Red goalie) a chance and for helping to build her up this weekend. I loved watching her confidence grow and after the first game - I think the level of competition was a shock at first to her, but she caught on quickly and found her voice and presence on the field.

She came home excited to train and is looking toward more opportunities to play in a competitive environment - thank you for lighting her fire!  Leah Aft 2012 Girls 

Abbie, My name is Brian Parker. I am Cecelia's father. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for everything that you do. Cecelia thinks the world of you and hangs on every word you say. We were a little apprehensive about the whole ODP experience, but everything has exceeded our expectations. This whole thing has given Cecelia so much more confidence. We've seen her in practice be more assertive and take more of a vocal/leadership role on that great team and we accredit it to the ODP program and coaches. Brian Parker 2012 Girls

Dave -  A quick note to say "thank you" to you and PJ for a fun and competitive weekend with our 2011 Red Boys team in Memphis.  Although the results didn't end with a "W", there is so much more that came from the weekend.  Appreciate you coaching Hudson and for investing your time in the boys. He really has a passion for the game, so I appreciate your willingness to help him grow as a person and into a better soccer player! Have a great Spring and see you around I'm sure.  Thanks again. Matt Long 2011 Boys

"I wanted to pass along a word of thanks to Coach Andy for Tommy’s training this past year. The goalkeeper training has been one of the shining points of our ODP experience. I’m sure you know the GK position doesn’t always get the most focused training, depending on the club and your travel coach’s experience. Tommy was pushed in ways he had not been in the past, and I feel some his growth can be attributed to working with Coach Andy. Coach Eagle and Best were also great in both their knowledge and especially their encouragement of the boys. 

We’ve very much enjoyed our first ODP year and look forward to many more. I actually just sent an email to our club teammates, encouraging them to look into the opportunity, since it was such a good experience (a little selfish too, as I’d love a carpool." - Mindy Stines

"Thank you all for another great season! It was so nice for Keaton to finish the week with his ODP team and a win in Cincinnati. He’s much looking forward to Regional Camp and next season. Appreciate you, the coaches and staff and all you do." - Andra (2009 Boys)

"Joy, I’m very grateful for all you do to keep Indiana ODP running. My son really loves the program, and I know it wouldn’t happen without all you do behind the scenes".- Kathleen 2008 Boys

"Coach Eagle, thank you for all that you've done for Jude and the other players.  Jude has learned a lot about soccer, met a lot of good kids, made some lasting friendships, and gotten to work with knowledgeable and understanding coaches who created a high-performance yet low-stress environment.  You gave Jude a wonderfully memorable experience at ODP these past two years.  Thank you for your years of service at Indiana ODP" - Tony & Lisa Schaefer 2010 Boys

I just wanted to send out a note to say thank you for all your help in this process. The ODP program allowed Pierre to experience training with some of the best in the state. It allowed him to see what is expected of him from good coaches. Thank you - Felba Vincent

 I wanted to thank you and everyone there for all the work you put in on this event for the group.  I am sure it takes a ton of work behind the scenes and you likely mostly only hear the bad stuff, so I wanted to say pass along some good news as well.  

We had a blast and Holden had a great time and bonded with some of his 09 teammates as well.  I think this sort of thing is such a great experience for the kids and they really seem to love it, so thank you for everything that you do to make it possible! Take care, Matt Campbell 2009 Boys

Coach Eagle -

Thank you for investing your time in the boys and for your positive messages of encouragement.  Hudson has enjoyed his time training, being a part of the team and learning from your coaching style.  He really loves the game, so I appreciate your willingness to help him grow as a person and into a better soccer player! Memphis was a good time! Thanks again! Matt Long 2010/2011 Boys

Dear Coaches Eagle and Beck,

We just wanted to thank you both for such a positive tournament experience. This was Diarmuid’s first such experience and though he was very anxious initially, he absolutely loved the whole event. As parents, this was a big commitment but both Namita and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Most of all, we, as educators ourselves, were very impressed by how both of you were constantly teaching both the kids on the field and the kids on the bench. It was non-stop teaching from the time the kids arrived at the field until we all left. And, both of you managed to maintain such good humor, sincerity, and patience even as the kids got rattled at different times in the last two games. It was your efforts as teachers that allowed the kids that we saw, and Dida in particular, to leave with heads held up high even after two tough losses. We were expecting some real sadness or frustration on the long drive back to Terre Haute, but we had none. Diarmuid was thrilled with the full experience and excited to think of the next play, the next game, the next opportunity while learning from everything that went down over the weekend. So, again, thank you very very much for creating such a positive teaching environment around this game that we love. All the best, Brendan and Namita

I want to say thank you for the last 5 years I’ve been apart of Indiana ODP. I have decided not to participate this final year and concentrate on Travel Soccer and a few ID Camps. Indiana ODP has made me a much better soccer player and I am thankful for that!  I have met and become friends with a lot of the 2005 players and am thankful for that as well!  Hope to see you at Grand Park in future games or tournaments that I will be playing in. 


Thank you for all the hard work you put into Indiana ODP program!!! Cole Bubalo 

My son Liam Horan is part of the 2009 group.  I wanted to send a brief note to say thank you to you and all the coaches for your time and effort with the boys. Liam really enjoyed the training this weekend.  Know that we really appreciate all that you, the coaches and the entire ODP staff do to create a great experience for the kids.

Also, Liam is incredibly excited to have been selected for the Midwest Region Team that is traveling to Orlando in November for the ODP Inter-regional Event.  He is really looking forward to playing with the group and for the opportunity to represent Indiana. Brian Horan

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you.  Our child gets very anxious before every ODP session.  Yesterday was like all other sessions, our child was nervous to go in and get started.  However, minutes after entering, we received a text stating that our child was in and pumped.  Our child is thankful to Ms Joy & the ODP crew who are so nice and she remembered who our child was.
I can’t thank you enough for being there for these kids.  I know COVID made everything so different last year, but you have been a constant and have brought so much kindness to this process.   The coaching staff is all wonderful as well, but having our child see Ms Joy when they entered and the kindness she shared, set the tone for our child's training session.  You eased our child's fears and anxiety.  Thank you. ODP Parent

"I have learned so much from playing on the Olympic Developmental Program ( ODP) for 5 years from 7th to 11th grade. When I look back on my years playing ODP, I can easily see why I made the habitual 3 hour drive from Jasper. The environment was outstanding; I had never been on a soccer team that had a calm and supportive atmosphere like ODP always did. Every time we stepped on the turf, the coaches number one priority was to catalyze our development and personal growth at the game of soccer. Whenever we did something improper that needed tweaking, the coaches would calmly ask us what we think we messed up on, and then walk us through on what we could do better. They just wanted us to learn from our mistakes and put our best effort in every day. I loved my experience that I had during the 3 years on the Indiana ODP State Team and two years as an alternate on the Indiana ODP State Team. Thank you Coach Swift, Coach Sheely, Mrs. Carter, and all the other coaches and staff at ODP for everything at ODP these 5 years!" Robert White 2004 Boys

"Coach Eagle, Our son, Elliot Speckman, was one of your players this year. When he first joined we had a lot of parents/coaches tell us how lucky he was to have you as a coach and they were right.  His experience with ODP was a real game changer for him and you were a big reason for that.  I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how good he is relative to other kids his age but there's no doubt that he improved immensely after joining the program.  Even better, his love for the game grew even bigger than it already was.  When he made the State team roster he literally cried with joy."

"Anyway, just wanted you to know how thankful we are for your commitment.  I'm guessing it can be a thankless job at times so just want you to know that we (and many others we've spoken to) are very grateful for you and think you do an incredible job with the boys.  We wish you the best moving forward. Take care", David & Beth Speckman

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for the opportunity for my son Liam Horan to attend the Midwest Region Camp in Rockford.  He really enjoyed getting to meet and play with the coaches and players from throughout the Midwest.  The coaches were excellent and created a great experience for the boys.  Liam had a great time and really appreciated the opportunity.  Have a great summer and thanks again for everything!  Brian Horan (2009 Boys)

Hi Todd and Coach Abbie —

I just wanted to thank you both again for another great season!  Abbie I don’t think we’ve ever met personally, but Elle really enjoyed your coaching, especially your positivity.  And as an ignorant soccer parent. I enjoyed your updates on what the kids would be working on during practice!  I would read them at least twice :).  And we appreciate you taking the time to do the evaluation.  

ODP has been such an important part of Elle’s development.  She is incredibly hard on herself and constantly wants to learn and improve.  Hearing from different coaches, playing a different style of play at a competitive level has helped with her confidence tremendously.  I am sure you have seen that personally.

We are traveling to Illinois this weekend for the ODP regional camp.  Elle is nervously excited.  Our “coaching” to her is simple:  learn, listen and have fun.  You have created an environment where she can continue to develop as a player and do what she loves.  As a parent, I cannot thank you enough. Joy Fischer  (2008 Girls)

Just wanted to say thanks to the staff at Indiana Soccer for all you do. We greatly appreciate the opportunity. This experience has enhanced our daughters love for the game and has definitely improved her game.  She has learned so much, made new friends, and has had a lot of fun! We are looking forward to next season. Hailee’s Dad (2010 Girls)

"Thank YOU for everything.  You do such an amazing job for these kids and the program and it is very much appreciated, especially during this very challenging Covid year.  Holden and I am sure all the other kids had such a great and fun year.  You can never hear it enough, so thank you!" Matthew Campbell (2009 Boys)

"We would like to thank you so much for all you, Coach Eagle and your staff have done for Keaton (Siesky 2009) & all players this year. You are always so kind and helpful with any questions and guidance we’ve needed along the way with ODP. Keaton has loved each and every training session and all playing experiences. Keaton has learned and grown even more as a player and we are grateful and thankful for the opportunity. Keaton has been invited to the Midwest camp in Rockford and he can’t be more excited about participating in that next month. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy this summer and get some very much deserving downtime away from soccer for a bit. Take great care and thank you again.  Many blessings," Andra & Lane (& Keaton) Siesky

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and hard work over the past four years that my son, Luke DeLion (2004), participated in ODP. He’s enjoyed the ODP group so much. He’s met coaches that he looks up to, and he grew a lot as a player. I really appreciate all the logistics that you manage so that the kids can have that experience. And I appreciate how you look out for each kid that participates – whether it’s the new kids or the kids who you know by sight. Luke has always felt welcome and like he could ask you for help. It’s strange to think that we won’t have ODP next year!, Thanks again", Anne DeLion 

"Just wanted to thank you for all you do to give ODP kids such a great experience. Joey (2007 boys) grew a ton this past year and I really appreciate you and your teams' work to make it happen". Thank you, Dean Heaviland

Coach Eagle, I wanted to tell you a quick story. Nick has been to a lot of high level training over the last several years. He has been coached to be flexible to play in any position the team needs and not complain about it.  He’s been good around the goal, so he has generally played the 9 or 7 much of his youth career.  However, I have always told him that I think that he likely would equate to a 4 or 5 based on his current style and where I see him going.  I have shared the story of Eriq he moved and transformed his career with this exact move as well. 

Fast forward to this year during one of the sessions.  You had moved him to a CB role and then in another practice he said that
you told him, “that he could really thrive if you embrace that new role.”  I don’t know if that was from a position of needing 
some good defenders or by sheer luck, but needless to say, I am really excited to see him there.  I know it’s really hard to 
evaluate talent and there are so many “desirable” positions from the player’s perspective, but I wanted to say that out of all 
the feedback and evaluations that he has received, you have really made an impact even from the small things that come up in the middle of a training session.  Thanks again coach! Nick Beam (2009 Boys Dad)

Hi Coach, 
Thank you for all the time you’ve spent training Eddie these last few months. Eddie has learned a lot, gained confidence, and had fun. Looking forward to next session -  Sheri A Scheffler - Edmund”Eddie”Scheffler #179

Coach Eagle, thank you for providing the Field Player evaluation for Matthew Gillihan (2010), he truly looks forward to training and enjoys working on getting better at his position.  

As a parent, it is important that my children understand the work that must be done to achieve great results.  But more importantly, it is imperative that they have fun along their journey to success.  You and your staff provide that balance of hard work, yet an enjoyable environment. - Larry Gillihan

Coach Swift, thank you for providing the GK evaluation for Kevin Gillihan (2010), he truly looks forward to training and enjoys working on getting better at his position.

As a former GK myself, it is important that my children understand the work that must be done to achieve great results.  But more importantly, as a parent, it is imperative that they have fun along their journey to success.  You and your staff provide that balance of hard work, yet enjoyable environment. Larry Gillihan

Coach, Shaun, just wanted to thank you for the opportunity ODP has provided Jake and the training/competition to improve his soccer skill/IQ. Jakey had a Blast in the Kentucky scrimmage games and really enjoyed playing with his teammates!  He really enjoyed banging bodies against the big Kentucky defenders, scoring, assists…but his favorite was playing with very talented players on his team.  He literally talked non-stop on the way home on what he did right, could have done better, and areas that him and his mids need to get on the same page.  It’s like he had play by play memorized:  I was so happy to see him so excited about scrimmage games and how he can’t wait to get back to practice/training so him and the other kids get more time together to get “on the same page-as he called it” of game flow.

Again, thank you and your staff for adding to his love of soccer…..and become a better player while doing it!  Daniel Alb

Good Morning Todd, I wanted to write a quick note.  As I'm sure other parents and players appreciate everything that your self and the staff at ODP and Indiana Soccer have done.  Maci and I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate all of the hard work and determination you have all shown.  Its been very hard year for everyone and extremely hard on the kids.  You and your staff have kept are children safe and given them the opportunity to continue playing a sport they all love.  We all know there is a lot of work that everyone does behind the scenes in a normal year!  Thank you again from our family to all of the families and staff.  we are looking forward to even brighter days in future.  Happy New Year!! - Coby Mansell

Hi Coach Eagle-

I hope you and your family are all well.

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all of the time and effort that you and all the coaches dedicate to training the kids.  Know that we really appreciate everything.  

My son Liam Horan (#205) was excited to be back after missing the weekend at the end of October due to quarantining.  He really enjoyed the training and was telling us about the topics you covered, including the 9v9 formation you worked on.  He drew it out on paper as he was describing/explaining it to us.

Thanks again for everything and have a great night.  

Be well-
Brian Horan

Ara absolutely LOVED both ODP sessions and his experience today! Many thanks to the ODP Staff and all the coaches who worked with him. We appreciate you and your dedication to these players! Craig Horvath
Hello ODP family,
I just wanted thank all of you for what you have done to help Evan Hudak on his soccer journey. Thank you for helping him become a better person and player.  The start of this year was tough with changes from the pandemic. Evan was really bummed to have to miss state cup games, the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC) tournament in Spain, and the ODP Midwest select camp. With Indiana still having soccer available for our boys, we were able to at least have a high point last weekend. Evan and Kendall Starks’ Indiana Elite FC team finished second to a really good Solar MLS academy team in this year’s Premier SuperCopa tournament in Dallas. Thanks again and we are looking forward to this season’s ODP events. The Hudak Family (Evan Hudak 2008 Boys)
"We are very grateful for the training Audrey has received from the entire ODP staff. She had an excellent freshman year in 2019 and has made the watchlist for the 2020 season. We just wanted to let you know we appreciate all you do for player development. Looking forward to participating in ODP again this year.  Thank you for all your time and talents!" ~Milinda Abel (Audrey Abel 2005 girls)

"Todd and Joy, I wanted to send a quick note to inform you that Jackson will be leaving the ODP program.  He has made the decision to join the Academy program. This was a difficult decision as he loved ODP, his club and High School teams. Personally I want to thank both of you and the entire ODP family.  Jackson has learned so much from ODP. Hopefully we will cross paths in the future.  We will keep you posted on his future. Again, thank you for everything. All the best". Jim Jelinek

"I just wanted to reach out on behalf of Leah, and say thank you, to all of you who have helped and supported her over the last several months. You've played such a vital role in her success and progression, and we couldn't be happier.
Looks like she was invited to the midwest ID camp, but as we know all summer camps have been cancelled". THANK YOU!!- Leah & the Rocha Family
"My mom just got an email that said I was selected to participate in the midwest-ID camp. I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much for this opportunity! Even though it was cancelled because of the coronavirus, it still means a lot and I am still in the pool for the event in November! This was really great news to hear and I am so thankful for ODP and what is has done for me these past 2 years!" - Olivia Clive

"This is Anna Rosato. I wanted to thank you both and all of ODP for such an amazing experience. ODP has remained a constant in my soccer life for the past few years. I am grateful for all that I learned from my coaches and all of the incredible experiences I had as an Indiana player, including (but definitely not limited to) two Germantown Invitational Championships, our interregional trip to Pennsylvania, and many, many Sundays spent at Grand Park. I will miss ODP deeply and it will always hold a special place in my heart.


My participation in ODP for the last six years has undoubtedly made me a better soccer player--not only in terms of my technical and physical development, but also by improving my tactical knowledge and my understanding of the game. Being a part of the ODP family has provided me with unparalleled opportunities to train with the best soccer players in the state and compete against the top players in the Midwest Region. During my time with ODP, I was fortunate to participate in three inter-regional tournaments, win two Germantown Invitational Championships, and be invited to four Midwest ODP Regional camps. Perhaps more importantly, ODP has given me the opportunity to work with coaches of the highest caliber who have pushed me to realize my full soccer potential. This training has given me a foundation to compete at the highest level of club soccer on the ECNL and DA stages for the past four years. I will forever be grateful for the support, relationships, and lessons I gained from ODP". Anna Rosato

"We wanted to say thank you to Coach Andy, Kim D, Stacy, and the several other GK coaches that have worked with Kat over the past several years. ODP has definitely helped her become the keeper that she is today.  Also a shout out to you Joy for keeping me informed and on track" 2003 Katie Hofhauer 367

Just want to send a little note to let you all know that Mason really enjoyed Memphis this year. He was unsure after last season if he was going to continue with ODP but Coach Brian has been a great coach so far and Mason has really enjoyed learning from him. Thanks again! - Carrie Han

"Joy, just wanted to share this with you. Rory was invited to the regional Costa Rica event.  She will be attending.  I personally wanted  to say thanks for all ODP has done for Rory on and off the field". - Dave Barnard
"I hope all has been well! I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me! You helped me in so many ways and I will forever be grateful for everything! Thank you for helping me and always making me feel welcomed at ODP. I was wondering when the season starts so I could go in and say hello?" Kevin Valdez

"ODP has been a very important part of my soccer path and is a big reason for my success. Indiana ODP gave me significant opportunity as a goalie to train 1 on 1,  in small groups and in scrimmages  with top tier coaches.  This excellent individual and small group training allowed me to have significant touches and taught me not only fundamentals early on, but also how to deal with many situations on the field mentally and physically. During my 3 years of ODP I developed a much greater understanding of the game and also developed many lasting friendships.  I was invited to ODP Regional ID Camp two  years ago which gave me an opportunity to meet and train with very good players from around the country.    As a result I was able to improve in so many areas such that I made the Cincinnati United Premier DA team in 2018 and now have the privilege to play for the inaugural FC Cincinnati MLS U15 Pro Academy team.  I miss my 2005 ODP team mates, but continue to stay in touch with them.  One of my closet friends from the team is Benji Chavarria who is playing for the Chicago Fire MLS DA Academy team.  We have gone from playing together at ODP to playing against each other, which is fun as off the field we are good friends.  I am very thankful for the opportunity and the many coaches at Indiana ODP that made me both a better person and a better player". - Austin Wells 2005 FC Cincinnati DA

"ODP provides motivated club players an opportunity to receive additional quality training and instruction with similarly motivated club players.  They offer flexible training times to help facilitate participation that doesn't conflict with club matches.  It's a great resource provided by the Indiana Soccer Association". - Tommy Berry, Cutters Soccer Club DOC

"A HUGE thanks to several great years of ODP! Brock is starting his freshman year at the University of Evansville. He is already loving being part of the men’s soccer team! He has the BEST things to say about ODP and Indiana soccer. Great coaching through you all. Lifelong friends. With fond memories" - Tamara Wandel 

"Coach Andrew, I wanted to take a moment to send a note of thanks for coaching Elle during ODP this year, especially during the Ohio tournament.  You are one of the few coaches to “get” Elle.  As you know, she’s fiercely competitive and extremely strong willed.  As you noted, these character traits might serve her well as an adult but it can be a challenge to coach.  You took the time to talk to her, coach her about how to use her energy on the field and to harness her competitive nature in a positive way.  After the game, Elle told you her dream is to be a professional soccer player one day.  She’s said that ever since she’s been a little girl but this is the first time I’ve heard her open up to a coach about her goals.  You clearly earned her trust that day.  And for that, I am forever grateful.  

I don’t know anything about soccer and don’t have the talent, experience or skill to help her.  It’s only through special programs like ODP, and coaches like you, that she may one day realize that dream. Thank you for all you do.  This family appreciates the work of the program and teaching kids how to play a sport they love" - Joy Fischer

"You for guiding me through my ODP years. I appreciate the work you put into organizing and coordinating events in my later years, and for coaching me when I played under you. ODP gave me the opportunity to play against players better than myself and motivated me to work to reach their level. It was a great experience. 


I am interested in the Coach in Training program but probably not until my senior year. I’m not sure I would have the time this year as I plan on attending some ID camps on the weekends. Maybe I'll see you at a Unified Track meet sometime in the spring" - Ian Holtz-Hazaltine

"Joy/Coach Shelly/Coach Mabuchi: my guess you already know but Jackson was invited to compete with the Regional boys in December.  I wanted to personally thank all of you for everything you do for the ODP program.  This program has impacted my son in many positive ways. Without the tireless efforts and commitment of the ODP staff this would not have been possible". - Jim and Lee Ann
"Indiana ODP offers the rare opportunity to gather like-minded athletes under the instruction of high-level coaches in a unique environment where the focus isn't playing time or tournament wins. Being able to run sessions that are solely development-driven allows me to assess athletes' strengths and identify areas of needed growth and work in a way I've never been able to in the club, or even college, game. It's what coaching is supposed to be: player-focused. My time with ODP has helped me reconnect with why I coach young women today and I greatly value the opportunity I've had working with IN ODP". Stacy Pease - ODP Coach
"Joy and Todd, thank you very much for all the work you did over the past year. Jayden (2007) enjoyed to be a part of ODP." Denise Blank
"I just wanted to reach out and express just how thankful I am for everyone involved in this program that has helped me get to where I am today. ODP came at a time for me when I really needed it and I wouldn’t be the type of player or person I am today without it! The level of awareness and knowledge of the game I gained is really what sets me up to succeed, not to mention the great positional and tactical coaching I received as well. ODP has helped me reach my goals, both short and long term, one of which was being invited to the Midwest Regional ID Camp, and I am so grateful to say I have finally reached that goal! Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons (vacation and other college camp conflicts), I will have to decline the invitation to attend, but for me, being invited was just as exciting, encouraging, and fulfilling. Once again thank you all for everything, and know I am still very interested in helping out with district training or anything else you all may need! Just let me know." Emma Lopp.