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Where can I find a listing of available courses?

A list of all available courses can easily be accessed by clicking on this link:

Where can I find Training Session Plans for the various play formats?

Indiana Soccer offers Training Sessions Plans for various play formats designed to develop a specific target play group, alternating with an attacking and defending theme each week. Click here to access the resources.



Where can I find information about the Olympic Development Program?

You can find information about our program on the homepage of ODP:

Who do I contact with questions about the Olympic Development Program:

For informational questions, please contact Indiana ODP Administrator Joy Carter.  You may reach Joy at 317-975-2007 or by emailing her: Please always include your player’s name and birth year when you send an email. This will help her serve you much quicker and accurately.

When are tryouts for the Olympic Development Program?

Tryouts for the Olympic Development Program start the first training date of the season for non-high school players.  This date is usually either the last part of August or the early part of September depending on the ODP calendar. Tryouts for high school players start in late October according to the ODP training calendar (no high school player can start the program until his or her high school soccer program has ended).  You may find more information at the following link:

Where do I find more ODP frequently asked questions?


What Is the tournament sanctioning

Tournament sanctioning helps to ensure a safe, fun, age-appropriate environment and is a benefit both to member clubs and to tournament participants


How do I become a member of the Indiana Adult Soccer program?

People can affiliate individually, by team, league, tournament, or event to receive the benefits offered by the association. For more information about registration, please contact Angel Hall at or
call 317-975-202


What is the selection criterion for the Indiana State Cup?

The top ranked teams for age groups 13U-19U will be selected to participate in the Indiana State Cup.  The Indiana State Cup Champions will advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Midwest Regionals. Champions from the Midwest Regional event will advance to the National Finals.

eSports FAQ's

What is eSports?

Esports also known as "electronic sports" is organized video gaming sports competition often played individually or in teams. 

What is the GYO Platform?


GYO is an online gaming community platform that is built to help connect players with gaming opportunities, leagues, esports scholarships, and more.  Unlike many platforms, GYO is also built to allow for parental registration and oversight of child accounts in order to help parents monitor and understand their child's gaming habits and to take advantage of potential college opportunities for esports.  Because GYO is the only platform that has placed an emphasis on child safety and parental involvement, Indiana Soccer has selected GYO as our official vendor to help facilitate online gaming leagues for our players to participate in during downtime from soccer.  

Through this program, all Indiana Soccer Clubs are welcome to create Club Portals which are like online hangouts for your children.  When a child joins these Club Portals, their participation is verified by a Club administrator so that only current and past club players are able to participate in the program and communicate with the other players.  Within the Club portal, the players may share their gamer connection information and communicate with one another about video games and esports safely.  Instead of connecting players to random people around the world you do not know, the Club Portals give you a space where you can feel assured that the online communications are occurring between children of similar ages who are also already members of the soccer club.  For further safety and security, all messages and communications that occur on the platform are accessed and monitored by Club administrators and professional adults who will enforce a strict code of civility and appropriate discussions.


While on the GYO platform and within the Club Portals, your child will likely participate in two key types of activity:  Self-driven Gameplay and League Gameplay.  In self-driven activity, the players will communicate amongst themselves and may schedule play activities that occur in their games.  For League Gameplay, an administrator representing the Clubs or Indiana Soccer will create an online gameplay league structure that mirrors the grass soccer league structure.  Players will be assigned a designated opponent and be scheduled to play against them at specific times, and then they will report the scores directly to the platform.  In addition to being a fun competition, we believe this is an opportunity to help teach the players responsibility and accountability, as players are required to manage their own schedules and report their own scores.  Failure to do so would result in forfeits and negative consequences, including removal from the league.


We all know that our children are going to have screentime at home - we aim to create positive, competitive, safe and social league play experiences to help make sure a significant amount of that screen time is productive for the development of the player.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask for additional assistance!

How do I sign up for my child to participate?

Signing up is easy! Simply HERE and select the appropriate league for your child based on age and gaming console, then click "Join" and fill out the information.


What are the age groups range for the league?

The introductory pilot league splits up participants into different age groups: (13 - 14 years old), (15 - 18 years old), 19 years old & older), 12 years old & under will be coming soon.


What equipment do I need to have to participate in the league?

Players can participate in the league using Xbox One or Playstation 4.

What are the benefits for my child to play eSports?

There is a wide range of benefits for children who participate in measured video gaming including, cognitive development, social engagement, and the development of motor skills. Please follow this link for more information.

What is the cost of participating in the league?

The cost of participating in a league is $29.95/player. However, this is being discounted to $10.00 for the pilot league.

Are the games child appropriate & non-violent?

We do not offer violent games. Our league offers non-violent FIFA 20 games to complement kids' soccer development on the grass field as well as in the digital space.  

Who is my child competing against?

The GYO platform allows kids to safely play esports games with kids on their current soccer club as well as other clubs affiliated with Indiana Soccer Association. Our league offers a fun & safe digital environment where children represent their clubs while competing against their peers, (people you know) from clubs they compete with on the grass leagues.

Can we create FIFA tournaments that all our club members could participate in?

The answer is yes, the tool allows you to create and manage your own leagues and tournaments however you would like to do so.  This is similar to the "Rec" model where your players will be playing amongst each other.  

Do you provide a copy of the FIFA '20 video game or other titles?

No, we do not provide copies of any games, they must be purchased and owned by the players.

Can my coaches play? Can parents play?

Yes!  We think that is a good idea to increase engagement, and players will enjoy getting to play against the adults.

When does the first league start?

The first official match of our league has been delayed to Thursday, April 2.  On March 19 and March 26, we will schedule pre-season matches so allow for players who have already signed up to begin playing and experiencing the league.  These matches will not count towards final standings, so players who join late will not be at a disadvantage.

Can I run my own leagues and events?

Absolutely.  The platform is built to allow you to promote your own leagues and events, and the kids themselves can also self-organize if they wish to do so.  For example, if your kids want to find out information about their teammates Fortnite gamertags, they may send messages or use the chat boards to get that information.  As an organizer, you can be active or you can be passive and let the kids communicate with each other!

Does one need to download Discord App for the chatroom?

The Discord ID is optional for players that have it, and is NOT required to participate in any leagues.   

How do I set up a match versus my opponent in FIFA 20 for XBox?

How to setup a match versus your opponent in FIFA 20

  1. Start up FIFA 20 on your console. 

  2. Navigate to the online tab 

  3. Select “online friendlies” 

  4. Select “new friendly season”

  5. Select your opponents gamer tag and invite them. 


Under the settings tab ensure the following settings are applied before starting your match: 

  1. Half Length: 15 minutes

  2. Controls: Any

  3. Game Speed: Normal

  4. Squad Type: 85 overall 




When will Indiana Soccer send the refunds?

(4/3/2020) All refunds for cup (and league) will be sent to the clubs by April 17, 2020.  If your team paid seperately from your club, you will need to contact your club after April 20 to collect the refund from them.


What, if any, refunds are available and when will they be issued?

All registered and paid ISL teams will be refunded 50% of their registration fee. This refund will be sent to the club and the club may distribute as appropriate by April 17.

All registered and paid ECIYSL & NESSL teams will be refunded 100% of their registration fee. A request will be sent to each club who has paid asking to who and where do they want their check sent. Hopefully this will be done by April 17.

Can we still play our rec leagues after the stay at home and social distancing orders are lifted?

(4/6/2020) Yes!  Once we have the all clear from the federal and state governments, and our national governing bodies (US Youth Soccer and US Soccer), then Indiana Soccer will allow rec leagues to begin.  We will be here to process registrations and assist any way we can.

Indiana Soccer eCup Tournament

Is this the same thing as the Champions eLeague?

No, this is a brand new event that we want to be a mass opportunity to expose esports to players across the state and represents the first step in establishing a state-wide, competitive tournament.  The Champions eLeague Season officially starts Thursday, April 2, and will continue to operate weekly before and after the Indiana State eCup completes.  Players are welcome to compete in both.  We also have a Coaches league that starts Tuesday, April 2.  If you wish to have your players (or coaches!) sign up for the league, please send them this link:

Why are you doing a tournament as well?

We know that Clubs have been overburdened with everything that is happening in our world today.  We placed a lot of emphasis on Club participation for the League and saw that many clubs simply could not dedicate the resources to understanding the program or promoting the league.  With this Indiana State eCup, we can become the guiding force and centralize our messaging around a single, fun digital event that all players can participate and that can drive players to register for Club portals.  We believe this State eCup represents a catalyst to get kids excited and on your Club Portal, so you can begin further developing digital programming for your players.

How do I prepare my club for registration?

Some clubs have already created their club portals and are ready to go.  Make sure your Club Portal has all of your information you want to share with your incoming players.  For clubs that have not, we have created placeholder club pages on the platform so that players may begin joining and associating to your club.  You can visit your club by finding yourself in the Indiana Soccer Members List here:

Once you locate your club, click on it.  You will see buttons on the right side of the screen, including one that looks like three vertical dots.  Select this menu, then choose the option "Claim this Listing."  Input your information, and ownership of the club will be transferred to you once we verify your identity.

How will this promote my Club?

All players will choose which Club they are a part of when they sign up for the tournament.  This information will follow them during the promotion process, so they will effectively be promoting your Club for as long as they are alive in the tournament.  Following the conclusion of the event, the Player will be recognized for their accomplishment, as will the club from which they came.

All players who sign up for the tournament are also added to your Club Portal automatically, which will help you begin building your base of players to begin doing more events in the future

What about the 12 and under players?

When moving to the online space of esports, there are numerous considerations around player data privacy including the (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ) COPPA regulations.  In short, these laws do not allow for children under the age of 13 to directly have access to online accounts such as those required for participation in these leagues.  It is *very* important for us to include all players regardless of age, and we are currently working with our technology providers to create a solution to allow parental registration that would keep us in compliance with COPPA rules.  We anticipate being able to announce special leagues and tournaments for our younger players sometime in the month of April.  

Do players get to customize their own teams or are they professional clubs?

Players will be playing head to head using the online friendlies game mode. Players can select any MLS clubs and all teams are rated at 85 overall for fair play.

Return to Activity

Will a team be able to participate in a tournament outside Indiana prior to June 15?

Yes, but only if that state has allowed the activity and it is sanctioned by US Youth. Teams will not be able to participate in any competitive play prior to June 15 in order to prepare for the activity.

Are throw-ins and heading allowed in Stage 3, Stage 4?

Stage 3: A ball should not be tossed to a player (by the hands) in order to play the ball for heading or any other technique (Goalkeeper info in another question).  Heading is allowed when served by the feet.

Stage 4: Heading and throw-ins are allowed in training and games.

How will social distancing and hand sanitizing affect goalkeeper and goalkeeper trainers during trainings and games?

  • Coach and goalkeepers should maintain 6' social distancing guidelines.
  • A goalkeeper (GK) should have their own pair of gloves, gloves should not be shared. GKs 12 & under can play without gloves.
  • Individual GK training session: the coach provides the training balls - sanitize before and after each session (i.e. 1 GK, coach brings 3-4 balls)
  • Group GK training session: the coach should bring and have available a hand sanitizer. 1) Disinfect the balls before rotating in the next GK or 2) Identify specific ball(s) to be used by each GK. Coach should sanitize their own hands between rotation of players. 3) If the GK coach chooses to wear GK gloves, it is recommended that the coach should wear medical gloves underneath.
  • If the coach utilizes additional equipment such as hurdles, ladder, mannequins, etc., they are also responsible for sanitizing between sessions.
  • GK and coach (if wearing GK gloves during training) are responsible for cleaning gloves between training sessions and games with warm water and mild low foaming soap that is anti-bacterial/anti-viral or an anti-viral hand sanitizer.

What is the recommended procedure for attending to an injured player?

Stop the activity (training or game)

Coach and anyone attending the injured player should be wearing a mask and medical/rubber gloves before getting to the injured player.

Follow normal procedures for evaluating the injury and follow the necessary protocol.

Can a player who is not currently registered with Indiana Soccer participate in activities?

No, players must be registered in order for the participant and the club to receive the member benefits.   Failure to ensure that all participating players are registered will cause the activity to not be sanctioned.   Non-member participants and clubs are covered during scheduled tryout periods.  Tryout periods are considered to last from 1-3 days.

If there is an activity that a non-registered player is participating(except the tryouts mentioned previously), the club and all member participants will lose access to their member benefits for that activity.


How do I create my own referee/assignor account?

As of right now, referees/assignors cannot create their own accounts in the new platform.  We are creating them for you as you complete your certification for 2022.  You will be notified when your account is ready to use.

How do I get the Gotsport website to work on my phone?

There is currently no specific Gotsport App.  The website is mobile friendly.  Just turn your phone horizontal and the website will work.

I am trying to help my child with their referee account, but it is not working.

In Gotsport, each person has a unique profile, but can be held together in a family account.  Each profile can have multiple roles.  When a minor is given a role as referee, in  order to manage that referee's availability, accept/reject games, etc. you must use the referees credentials to log in.  You can not manage the referee account from the parent log in.

As a Referee, how do I attach myself to an assignor?

At this time, the system does not allow for referees to attach themselves to Assignors.  Please contact the assignor you want to work for and let them know.  The Assignor has tools to attach you to themselves.  For the future, the tool is being created to allow referees to do this themselves.  Once it is ready, we will send out those instructions.

As a Referee, how do I attach myself to an event?

At this time, you are not able to do that yourself.  That tool is still under development.  Your assignor will attach you to the event(s) you want to work.

As an Assignor, how do I attach myself to an event?

Click here for step by step instructions
How to Attach an Assignor to an Event

As an Assignor, how do I remove referees from my list that don't work for me?

Go to your REFEREE PROFILE list.  Find the name of the person you wish to remove from your list.  Click on that person's name.  Scroll to the bottom of the screed and click on the DELETE button.  You will remove them from your list of avialable referees, but you will not delete their account.

As an Assignor, how do I find and attach referees that want to work for me?

Go to your REFEREE PROFILE list.  At the top of the page click SEARCH.  Enter the referee's name and find the referee.  Once their name appears, click the ADD button to the far right of their name.
NOTE:  if the referee's name is not found inthe search, then they do not have a referee account yet.  They will be added once they complete their certification for the current year.

As an Assignor, a game was changed and now I can't assign referees. What do I do?

Go to the MATCH LIST view for the game, open the game, RESTORE the referees that were previously assigned and then remove the ones that will not be working that game.  Now you can replace the open slots with new referees.